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Cycle Count Inventory Date: From IM inventory date to WM inventory date

When any organization plans to go for implementing the warehouse management; it has major concern about the physical inventory process, particularly last physical inventory date.


When system goes live with warehouse management functionality and material is maintained with CC indicator for cycle count, and then it is common problem that at the time of cycle count inventory creation all materials are shown as due for physical inventory. This is because inventory document is not available in the system and last inventory date is not updated in quant data table. It is a big challenge for the organization to manage this situation.


In my previous project, we have implemented the below solution to tackle this issue so that we can streamline the physical inventory process.


Recommandation: Take the help from ABAP expert, not from beginer ABAP developer to use this solution. 


1. Maintain stock datasheet with last inventory date: 

The business should maintain a data sheet which contains the stock details along with last physical inventory date. This date can be downloaded from the legacy system. The data sheet should contain Material number, Plant, SLoc, Last physical inventory date.


2. Download the WM stock details from the current SAP system 

When we upload the stock data in the warehouse system during the cutover activity, the system displays this stock detail in quant (LQUA) table. We need to download this quant details into datasheet with Quant number, material number, Plant, Storage location.


3. Match Quant datasheet with last inventory date 

Now, you have two different datasheet, one from legacy system with last inventory date for material and another is quant details from SAP system. You need to update the quant datasheet with last inventory date from your legacy system datasheet. There might be more than one quant for the same material so in that case, you need to keep the last inventory date same for all the quant in particular storage location.

4. Upload last inventory date in Quant table 

After updating the last inventory date in quant datasheet, it is required to upload this last inventory date in quant data table (LQUA). So to upload this inventory date in quant table, you need to develop program. In our case, our developed program is available here.


5. Make changes in cycle counting (LICC) program 

Once you uploaded the last inventory date in quant table, then you need to modify the cycle count inventory creation (LICC) program. The system uses the following logic when it calculates the due date. First it looks the quant table and checks whether inventory document (LQUA-IVNUM) is available. Incase, inventory document is available then it considers the last inventory date (LQUA-IDATU) and calculates the due date based on CC indicator from the material master. And if inventory document date is not initiated then it will consider that quant is not counted in the past and it will show up as due.


Just keep in mind that, you have uploaded last inventory date, not inventory document number so you need to make the changes in the program to consider last inventory date from quant table even though inventory document is not available so make the following changes in Cycle count program (2RLINV060).


 *…….accepting IDATU only when quant has an IVNUM………………*   

if not lqua-ivnum is initial.     

move: lqua-idatu to xwmim-idatu, ” Date of inventory by quant           

lqua-idatu to tab-idatu.

*    endif.*…….if there is no inventory data: take date of quant creation…. 

This customized / changed program you can use only for first year and later on you can switch over to the standard program.

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      wow.Good one.One more feather on your cape.


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      Former Member
      Dear All,

      Becuase of formatting issue, the text changed in the above blog. Here is the code for the same.

      *.......accepting IDATU only when quant has an IVNUM..................
      *    if not lqua-ivnum is initial.
            move: lqua-idatu to xwmim-idatu, " Date of inv. by quant
                  lqua-idatu to tab-idatu.
      *    endif.
      *.......if there is no inventory data: take date of quant creation....

      Thanks & regards,

      Mohammad Arif Mansuri

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      Former Member
      Hello, I haven't seen tourmessage before, butwe have dvp a same programm to charg last date of counting in lqua.
      However I have a question without response, can you help me:
      Further to a transfer of our MM stock (inventoried via counting cycle
      on MM) on a level WM, we try to set up the inventories counting cycle
      on WM.
      We have charged the zone LQUA-IDATU with the last dates of countings on
      the MM store and so realized some counting over a given period.
      Further to some realized tests (with TCODE LICC) we notice that the
      date of last counting is not reloaded in case of emptying of stock then
      entrance again or simpl ytransfer to antother bin; what means that an article with strong rotation can be
      counted repeatedly without respecting the criteria bound to the code ABCIN.
      I do not understand why the date of last counting is not uodated in case of emptying of the stock ot transfer, as the quant desappear of table LQUA, it's losen.

      Thank you for your help,
      best regards,