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Community and MindSpace at SAP TechEd – Day Two

Community and MindSpace at SAP TechEd – Day 3

A canvass that encourages opinions, reflections, summaries and just generally serves as a fun, funky and even inspiring backdrop to the wonderful doings of the Teched Community Clubhouse.  Those doings included very active discussions in the roundtables, much lively conversation in the mural area about platforms, people and processes all articulated in an engaging medium that had folks buzzing and conversing.  Solid communication and lots of hands on fun with technology.

Some comments: Luis Garcia (Venezuela): “When I saw the drawing and the words, I thought: in the context of all these infrastructures, all the technology and knowledge about technology at TechEd, what really strikes me is the human product.  The perfect demonstration of why we are here is really illustrated in this mural”

He also contributed to a wish list hoping that many others from developing countries would be granted the privilege and have the means to attend.

Yesterday’s  left off with the “Add Your Thoughts” area of the mural and today ended with the space being filled with lots of added thoughts.

Some of the day’s highlights:

Ismael Ghalimi likes our BPX Community Project!

In the morning, I attended an analyst interaction to chat about the Business Process Expert Community (my first informal interactions with many of this group was at Community Day where Red Monk, Zoli, Jeff Nolan and Craig held court.)

This time we met with Red Monk’s Michael Cote, Zoli, Ismael Ghalimi, Blag and one also can say Craig who takes his place on the blogger/analyst side of the table with Blag for this meetup.

I was given the opportunity to chat a bit about the BPX Community Project in the wiki which was totally revamped by Dick Hirsch and shared some news around the new capability of model share with The specified item was not found..  I really felt privileged because it seemed an honor to be chatting with such exceptional minds.  I know this is “old hat” for Craig, who has been interacting with this blogger community for a while now, but this was my first such experience.  Ismael totally made my morning by remarking that he has been following our progress in collaboration in the wiki and liked what he saw.  When you’ve been dreaming and vested in something that you believe in, such recognition is a gift.  Hope Dick is listening and feeling good about all the wonderful work he’s been doing there for the BPX Community.

Here’s some more hightlights:

The mural unfolds and literally unfolds as we move the first 40 feet of pictures across the room and the artist continues the next 40 feet of interpretations. (see flickr pictures with Gali)

Ed Herrmann teaches me to move 3D stuff

Grannimari meets Wii hands. The duo does another session in the clubhouse to the delight of attendees.

Hacker night

Got a glimpse of what RIA lovers do when you give them pizza, beer and the chance to code, exchange and share.  I go off to write my blog and by reading Twitter discover that after I left Blag won a WII. Sweet.

Uploaded scads of pictures of the mural and other clubhouse stuff for your viewing pleasure

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  • Hi Marilyn,

    I'm listening and just wanted to say "Thanks" to SAP for giving me (and all the other "players" in the Community Project, including Owen Pettiford, Edward van Cuijk, Hans Butenschøn and Christina Hall. I couldn't do it alone....) the opportunity to explore the SDN/BPX world and let my ideas evolve based on their interaction with other community members. I think - no, I know - that this collaboration has benefited all involved.

    I'd be interested to know if those other bloggers have suggestions / comments regarding the Community Project that you could share. 


    • Just got word that there is a good chance that Hans will be joining you and Owen and myself in Munich.  Let's be sure that we create some sessions at the BPX Knowledge Table where we can demo this and share with others.  Quite possibly some of the folks here in TechEd Las Vegas may be inspired to join.  Thanks for all your enthusiasm and great work!
  • Hi Marilyn,

    Just looked at the pictures of the mural. I think it would be interesting to take the "messages" that are on the mural and place them in a mindmap and see if you can find any patterns that might be useful for future SDN/BPX strategy.  If the mural artist is in Munich, then a comparison with the resulting "European" mindmap might also be intriguing.


    • Think we will have to rely on Frauke Hoffmann, our Industry Community Evangelist for help on that.  Don't think we will have a mural in Munich, but mindmapping our sessions is an excellent idea.  Both Frauke and I use that software and hopefully we will have the ability to capture some of the session highlights in such a medium.