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Humour@SAP XXXI: SAP Urban Culture ByDesign

Here at the TechEd in Las Vegas I keep bumping into SDN aficionados who recognized me from my mug shot on the SDN, and instead of going the other way or changing to the other side of the street, they right out flatter me about my humorous blogs – and how much they miss them. For example this one user from India, who couldn’t hold himself back to provoke humorous responses from me by regularly mentioning the humor-stuff in forum posts about such boring topics like *yawn* user administration, licensing or “What the heck: I still don’t understand what a BPX is“.

But I am a man (yes, I just verified and looked into it) of principles. I said to myself: “Mario, this humor-stuff needs to end. Some hard-working people might be offended, telling all the world about our gossip forum, the car-fanatics and the obsession with food in the SAP cafeterias.” Those of you who know me, can be sure: once I made a decision, I follow it through. No whining, no big amounts of money or even 12 bulls threatening to rip me into pieces can make me change one of my decisions.

At TechEd today I met this pretty Indian girl – I mean of course business woman – working for a valued customer and she asked me about my blogs and when I do it again. And as a man of principles I of course said immediately with stern determination in my face: “Well, uhm, let’s see.

So here we are talking about a topic that made some humorous noise in the SAP-internal gossip forum “Infobörse” (“information exchange“). For those of you familiar with my blogs or the SAP world, this is a newsgroup where SAP colleagues discuss all those important topics to serve their customers better. Topics like “Why don’t we get winter tires that go faster than 190km/h for our company cars?“, or “In what SAP building can I get the best free coffee?” or “How can I keep the neighbor’s $@%#^@ cat from sitting on my freshly polished car?

A recent noteworthy thread talked about a new SAP product: SAP Business ByDesign (those of you who haven’t heard about it: go and get it now, I need to buy new fast winter tires for my company car). As expected, not the features of the new product, or the price, or the UI design, or the how much the customers will save with it TCO-wise were the heatedly discussed topics, no it was the name of the product. What they discussed about the name was the following:

First: What would be a good abbreviation for SAP Business ByDesign?
Second: What else could this abbreviation stand for?

Have you heard about the thousands of alternative abbreviations for SAP? You get the picture, the suggestions where gossip-forum-style very unserious. I want to share with you some of the suggestions for SAP BBD:

  • “Bye! Design”
  • “Becomes Big Disaster”
  • “Bye Bye Dollars”
  • “Bin Besonders Dämlich” (translated: “I am especially stupid”)
  • “Blödmänner Beim Drauflosprogrammieren” (translated: “beginners starting programming” – this suggestion comes of course from those folks at SAP that gave you the all the other software)
  • “Banalities, Badly Documented”

Or a happy childish abbreviation:

  • ByDe [Bei-Die]

or babylike one:

  • BuByDe [Buh-Bei-Die]

And one colleague asked: “So when this is Business ByDesign, does it mean all the other SAP products are Business ByAccident?

Of course I distance myself from this innuendo that SAP software might be by accident, I worked too long in development that I am sure about it. But I heard that if you put a monkey in front of a keyboard there is a certain possibility that he will write a Shakespeare piece. So why not some software? Or a humorous blog…?

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      Author's profile photo Sidharth Deshpande
      Sidharth Deshpande
      Hi Mario,

      We had run a small contest on the launch of this product to expand the code name of this product (in a humorous way). You should have seen the kind of responses that we got.

      Some made people here fall of their chairs.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Come on, Sidharth, you can't tease us like this! You have to let us see some of the suggested names...


      Author's profile photo Sidharth Deshpande
      Sidharth Deshpande
      Hi Michael,

      Some of the ones i have given below:
      1. All 1 needs is Stamina
      2. Add 1 more software layer
      3. Anticipate 1 shock
      4. All access 1 Single coffee machine
      5. Availability is 1 Suspense

      etc etc..

      Sidharth Deshpande

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Mario, Where are you ? I have two days in Vegas and I did not see you, please send me an email.