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A Quick summary of Community Day Las Vegas ’07

7:30 am – arrivals and greeting old and new faces.  Finally get to meet Paul Wilson who has flown in all the way from South Africa to speak enthusiastically about OCM to BPX folks and other interested community members.  Paul was one of the original community subscribers to engage with BPX so it was exciting to meet him at long last after our year of forum correspondences and his blogs and content submissions.  Looking forward to his BPX sessions in the clubhouse during the week and to introducing him to another OCM subject matter expert, Adi Kleiman, who will host an Organizational Change Management – Live @ TechEd Las Vegas

8:30 am – folks are streaming in and Craig is streaming them  …breakfast and I spot  Robert Briese the KM top contributor.  Some other names I now can put to faces are Ajay Das whose provocative and critical blog entry BPX – (Imaginary) first among equals? elicited lots of comments and conversation back in April.  Also present was Andre Truong, last year’s BPX top contributor.  I was really pleased to see these two folks, for although we may have some BPX philosophical differences, their writing, passion, and candor are very engaging and refreshing.  I’d rather have their dissent, challenging and probing than 100 bobbing heads of agreement that might have less stimulating grey stuff inside. Also Harald Reiter who incidentally got the prize for the best wiki profile. Way to go Harald.

10:20 am- after Community Day Keynote – recorded live.., and a funny video clip by the inimitable Mario Herger, introducing Tim O’Reilly, we begin the speednetworking.  For those for whom this is a first time experience, there is engagement and enjoyment.  But I’m thinking that I’d prefer an innovation of format, especially for those who’ve experienced SDN day in the past.  Any suggestions, even before Munich TechEd would be really helpful.

Lose track of time schedule from here on end sooo….First Session I enter: The workflow ASUG goddess Susan Keohan.  Susan forced geeks and suits to discover one  another in order to learn more about workflow.  She not only entertained but provided fun prizes.  Any one see the pink bunny ears?  I got a glowing pin.  What I really want is some of this content, accessible to our community in the public blog or wiki space.

Lunch time gives me the opportunity to meet Ignacio Hernandez.  See his Video Blog from Las Vegas which is awesome. Wow, both our South American delegates are really social human beings.

The Enterprise Irregulars have a panel.  I found this one of the highlights of my day as it provided insights into the way we use social media.  Red Monk (James G. and Michael Cote), Craig, Jeff Nolan, interesting Rim guy, Bose guy, map guy, Geek Gap folks  Hear it all ….EI’s and the Enterprise 2.0 round table It sent me running to “follow” the tweets. Everyone speaking in this roundtable was impressively articulate, loved it.

Bummer…the excellent session with Geek Gap authors doesn’t have a working recording that I can share.  Hope Mark Finnern was able to capture on the video he operated and that we can provide links later.

And then there is the Tim O’Reilly Q&A at Community Day and Community Day Meet the Execs

And another Keynote with Tim O’Reilly.  You can see the salient points in our Teched Group Flickr as I captured not only our own Mark Yolton introducing him, but also some good slides and woohoo, our own Wiki finding its way into Tim’s presentation.

While I’m posting I see The specified item was not found.s great visual summary.

Another round of Boom Chicago as a combo tasty dinner and improv theater is served up to particpants.  Food was really yummy…I enjoy the audience.

Coming attractions: Geek and Suit Shootout in the clubhouse.

Lots of clubhouse sessions, expect celebration of communities.

Jim Spath provided this creative button which can be yours for answering his Geek/Suit speak quiz questions….

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      Author's profile photo Jim Spath
      Jim Spath
      At the risk of running a good gag into the ground, I've improvised another button based on the comedy stylings of "Boom Chicago":

      Note that this hasn't really been manufactured (at least, not yet).

      Author's profile photo Marilyn Pratt
      Marilyn Pratt
      Blog Post Author
      Oh, so Perl isn't a girl? 🙂
      but Ruby is, no?
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      This is how it goes:

      - put all participants names in a pot
      - randomly draw 12-14 names
      - get each one to the stage (quickly)
      - give them 3 minutes to introduce themselves briefly and suggest a topic they want to talk about
      - supply them a table
      - let the crowd choose their topical round tables they are interested in and supply some non-topical tables for ordinary speed networking

      This scheme provides
      - Thrill; wil I be drawn?
      - Adrenaline; what topic will I suggest if drawn; will anyone join me?
      - Publicity; 3 minutes of fame for arbitrary community members
      - focussed networking; meet people with the same interests even for surprising topics

      Note: No confinement on the topics should be applied.
      Example topics:
      - multitenant external facing portals
      - I want to draft an ad hoc bof session on xyz tomorrow evening
      - let's get out of this room and play a round of hackysack

      just a suggestion.

      Author's profile photo Marilyn Pratt
      Marilyn Pratt
      Blog Post Author
      Thanks for you ideas. We can try to promote with Mark F.

      Please explain the geekenese to Grannimari.  What is PopUpRt Feat. 3MF? So is there an Easter egg in the title?  MF - Mark Finnern?  3MF? 3 rounds with Mark Finnern?  3MF (really EMF?) If so does it mean Punk music?

      As for Hacky Sack, I found a Hacky Sack reference.  Now I know what that little ball was we had lurking about in by geek son's room.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hi Marilyn,

      it's supposed to sound like a rapper's name but it actually was derived from

      PopUp RoundTable Featuring 3 Minutes of Fame :-))

      Author's profile photo Marilyn Pratt
      Marilyn Pratt
      Blog Post Author
      LOL.  Wow you can even invent suggestions to sound like a rubik's cube.  Sometimes I feel like I should just paste the colors back into place (my usual wimpy solution)