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Due to large FI tables in the SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) or because of parallel running update processes for FI documents, you can sometimes experience long
runtimes for the 0FI_GL_4 extractor. The solution described in the new hot to guide will help you improve the runtime of the delta extraction in the ECC system. 


  1. SAP Note 991429 the minute-based-extraction enhancement for the 0FI_*_4 extractors
    has to be applied before going forward with this workaround.
  2. Prerequisite to implement the solution described in this document is Plug-In Version
    2004.1 or higher.

Step by Step:

  1. The how to paper can be found here
  2. The coding of the necessary report can be found here.

Final comment 

We already discussed, if this procedure can be used for other Delta Queue extractor. Definitively there are potential possibilities. Unfortunately we did not have the time to them all.
If you are facing performance issues and you have the feeling that this procedure can solve these issues feel free to test it. I would be more than happy, if this helps you running your business better!

Thanks Michael

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  1. George Brothers
    One question, this does not seem to be limited to BI 7.0 as most of the functionality changes are on the source system.  So could this be implemented in a BW 3.5 system?
    1. Hi George, interesting question.
      The PlugIn must be 2004.1.
      So, I would agree with you, if you have the correct PlugIn. BUT, we did not test it.
      I hope this helps, Michael
  2. Former Member
    we implemented the solution with the minute-based-extraction enhancement for 0FI_GL_4 and
    it works fine.
    But we have a time critical process in our company and the delay of 1 hour for our bookings
    compromises our daily reporting process. Is it possible to set BWFINSAF to a value like 1800 or is it not possible because of a high risk of data mismatch?


    1. hello Dietmar, honestly I do not know. I would ask the support and refer to the note. Best Michael

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