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In the midst of all the hubbub surrounding the upcoming TechEds, I’d like to describe a unique Community clubhouse activity we will host this year.  It serves as a contrast to all the High Tech and emerging technologies we’ve been featuring so far as the contents and sessions for this conference, SAP’s “premier technical education event”.

The idea for this “low tech” activity was born out of something experienced in SDN Day last year.

Some of you who were present at SDN Day TechEd ’06 might recall seeing the whiteboard of sessions, dubbed the “unconference agenda”.  Our TechEd production manager and habitual godsend, Philippe Rosset can be seen here populating it outside the SDN Day session hall in Las Vegas..


Scoble video blogged with it as background.


Got me to thinking how wonderful that people, wrote, expanded, improvised, collaborated, were spontaneous.  Began to imagine an entire wall of such collaboration, spontaneous visual content,   Wondered how we could encourage folks to fill such a wall with diagrams, summaries, feedback, words, ideas, pictures.  Kept the thinking “low tech”. 

Put all those words into a search engine to find me a solution and came up with a person: Nancy Marguiles.  “Encourage everyone’s participation” , “listen deeply”, “curiosity”, “slow down…create space”, “the wisdom is in the room”., “contribute your thinking”,
“connect ideas”….sure sounded a lot like the clubhouse to me.

Community Mindspace

Welcome to the Community MindSpace

Virtual Internet

Says Nancy: It’s a Virtual Internet — Community MindSpace….on real time…in person…
Community MindSpace is a TechEd Community Clubhouse live event hosted by muralist Nancy Margulies. When visiting the Community Clubhouse, add your thoughts and images to the mural-in-progress.
This is a space dedicated to our collective thinking on a variety of subjects.

Mural Themes

Transformation: from focus on running applications to focus on running a business
Celebration: honor others, share our successes and depict the way the communities of innovation collaborate
Values: a place to record what we value and to show the ways we are the same and honor the wonderful diversity we represent.

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  1. Former Member
    Hi Marilyn, so glad to see you blogging about this new addition to the clubhouse this year.  This is very exciting to be capturing the excitement, collaboration, networking, innovation, and collective intelligence happening in the clubhouse this year — and with Nancy we’re looking forward to having an incredible, colorful, visually appealing, yet meaningful and valuable artifact of an engaging week in Las Vegas!  Can’t wait to see it in action!
    1. Former Member Post author
      “we’re looking forward to having an incredible, colorful, visually appealing, yet meaningful and valuable artifact”.  Thanks for that blessing Chip and a bigger thanks to you and to the inimitable Philippe for giving this idea legitamacy and space.  As your TechEd track records proved last year, you both have the production talents that really move vision to execution.  Let’s hope the community together with Nancy can meet or surpass your expectations with the mural.  See you in Vegas!

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