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I remember the first week I worked for SAP getting in touch with all this sophisticated HR-tools – people really seen as human resources in a positive way and IT supporting the efficiency… . 

I had a discussion with my manager about my skills balancing depending on different possible career paths – and I saw the related learning material in our learning solution – with check-lists, balanced appearances according to learning styles – and checklist and self-test to get an immediate feed-back about the new or old knowledge. To be honest: I was really impressed! Not because of the technology – I am part of the since 1999 organizing the healthcare-part with some colleagues.  But because of the naturalness, and implicitness of using this tools!!! I remembered the university hospital where I worked before – and the continuous struggles of getting an adequate professional training… and not it is somewhat a “natural path” within the company. But learning and education can not be an end in itself. It has to be a part of the concept of MBO – Management By Objectives where quantitative and qualitative aspects play a role to measure and control the performance of employees. And at the end of the year I can see results in € in the payroll – all automatic and integrated in the SAPs IT.  What can hospitals and health management organizations learn from that? Healthcare is a personal intensive knowledge service – what else? At the end of the day, and the core of diagnostic and therapy, knowledge is what is offered, paid and sold!

Ok, we have some fancy hardware beside and some tiny pills and some glancy-glittering machines – but what if anyone does not KNOW how and why to handle them the evidence-best way? We have now one of our first hospital customer live using our learning solution, the Marseille_Clinics in Germany. With the content engine they produce the material themselves – and in every of their hospitals and rehabilitation & cure centers they have opened “learning studios” where the doctors and nurses learn the newest process, standard – and even sometimes new software tools need education to use them intuitively…(;-) They are planning to go towards the Talent Management Suite – the whole SAP Offering including (e)-recruiting, career management, succession management, MBO…. The business case? Can you imagine how much money is spent only in traveling to face-to-face education? And the people not being productive the best way? And the improvement of quality ensuring that the best standards are not written in smart books and guidelines but active leaving in daily work?Industrialisation of healthcare means healthcarisation of industry software – including SAPs offering.   

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  1. Former Member
    I think tis is amazing information taking into consideration i met the autor in SA recently
    i sahre the same ambition if not maybe more
    however iam trying to find an E-Learning site thats cater specificall for Healthcare …. such as The SAP Business-all-One E-Leaning Material

    well thanks for the nice infomation !

    1. Former Member Post author
      Dear Ravi,
      what exaclty you are searching for?
      We have a nice customer success story from the Marseille-clinics using SAP Learning management.
    2. Hi Ravi,
              Can you share some more information on this by email.
      Phani Prasad

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