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For so many years now the DBMGui and the SQL Studio have been the primary graphical interfaces for developers and DBAs to access MaxDB instances.
Beside the many good features and the relative high stability (i remember the early versions of Oracle’s SQL Worksheet in release 9i…) the major drawback has been the fact that these tools were only available on Windows-Systems.

As a kind of compromise the WebDBMGUI was handed out to the open source community and to those SAP customers who asked for it. Unfortunately the built-in Webserver was kind of “too open” – in a way that this Web-Component was responsible for the majority of the bad press (look for ‘security’ and ‘maxdb’ on google and you’ll find the security warnings).
Of course each and every security leak was patched but still this was no satisfactory solution.

Thus a complete redesign took place. The upcoming product will be called “Database Studio” and will be presented live and in full color at the TechEd’07 (see dates below).

DB Studio Welcome Window 

DBA Studio is completely Java-based and cross-platform from the start. It’s built up on the wellknown Eclipse Framework

 DBA Window and SQL Editor overlapping

Besides this move to a standard platform many feature enhancements have been made. The following just represents a shortlist of the top features:

  • DBA-/SQL-Workplaces combined in one tool
  • Work parallel with several Instances or Sessions (no more waiting for one query to finish like in SQL Studio)
  • Enterprise-wide or Client-based credential management
  • DB-Export/Import-Wizard
  • DB Analyzer Front-end outside an Netweaver Installation
  • Graphical Query Wizard (drag-n-drop Query creation)
  • Integrated Explain plan facility
  • Background Job-Management (long running Backup won’t block you anymore, since it can be send to “background”)
  • DB Connect via JDBC
  • Useable for SAP Support via Service connection
Visual Query Window 

Unlike the BR*Tools Studio which has been SAP BR*Tools Studio for Oracle: Features this is not just a short glimpse to some screenshots. Database Studio will be available next week. So make sure you get your copy (visit the SAP Service Marketplace).

Ah – before I forget to mention it: I will be there at the Las Vegas TechEd ’07.
Come and watch the MaxDB sessions (current schedule):

LCM263: 10/2/2007 1:45:00 PM – 3:45:00 PM, Room: H1
LCM263: 10/4/2007 1:45:00 PM – 3:45:00 PM, Room: H3” width=”235″/>

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  1. Nigel James
    This is welcome news.
    Can you tell us yet if it Europa compliant or does it need some earlier version of eclipse to work?
    Looking forward to getting a look at it next week.
    1. Lars Breddemann Post author
      Hi Nigel,

      the version I’ve installed on my Laptop comes with the framework version 3.2.0.
      Since for a platform – Eclipse 3.3 aka “Europa” – is relatively new, I assume it will take some time until the Database Studio will use it.

      Anyhow – I don’t have any confirmation from development, that they will go for it at all.

      Let’s see how the first releases of Database Studio do in the field – perhabs than already version 3.4 or 4.x of Eclipse is available.

      KR Lars

        1. Lars Breddemann Post author
          Hi Nigel,

          the download for DB Studio is not yet available to public but it will be soon. Our development mentioned to me that it should be downloadable within this month.

          Until then, you may want to check out the LCM263 Session at the TechEd’07 (“Managing MaxDB”).
          This handson sessions allows every attendent to try out the new tool for himself on his own test database instance.

          Best regards,


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