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You ran the I have a problem with my SAP software installation. How do I diagnose it? and it presented an error report that enlists missing items – files, keys, etc.

h5. Solution:

Errors detected by Check Workstation are typically introduced post installation – say by users that inadvertently deleted an installed file (installation errors are reported by the installation tool). The correct way to resolve such issues is to initiate a re-install from a complete installation server / source.

Here are some points that you need to watch for before trying to solve the issue.

    1. In case of missing files, verify that the installation server / source has the file that has been reported as missing on the Workstation. If so, it possibly indicates a file that has been deleted post-installation.
    2. Check the integrity of the Installation Server using the Check-Server feature of NWSAPSetupAdmin – the installation server administrative tool.
    3. If the installation server is healthy, uninstall the SAP front-end component and reinstall.

The command-line for uninstallation of a product ‘X’ on the workstation is:

nwsapsetup.exe /uninstall /product=”X” /Silent

For example, the silent uninstall of SAP GUI 710 would be done using: 

nwsapsetup.exe /uninstall /product=”SAPGUI710″ /Silent


Starting versions of SAPSetup (or with SAP GUI Patch Level 4 and beyond), you can use a command-line parameter /All with /uninstall to clean the workstation of all installed SAP components –

nwsapsetup.exe /uninstall /All /Silent

The silent installation command-line would be:

<installation*<strong> server share>setup
wsapsetup.exe /All /Silent</strong></p><p> </p><p>Last but not the least, remember to run Check-Workstation (NWCheckWorkstation.exe) again after the installation as above to verify that the errors reported previously are gone. If contacting SAP Support, remember to attach the cabinet file that the tool creates.</p>h5. Also read:

<ul><li><div>[NetWeaver SAPSetupTools and Utilities | NetWeaver SAPSetup Tools and Utilities…]</div></li><li><div>How to check the health of SAP front-end software installation?



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    1. Former Member
      Hello Siddhartha,

      I  created a deploy full package the SapGui 7.10 with NwCreateInstServer.exe tool and I have a problem.

      The parameters that I put in package do not are applied when I install it though Single File Installer manualy.

      Before create Single File Installer, the package installs normaly but do not copy saplogon.ini, do not write in event viewer on xp client windows.

      Later, I need to distribute this package over MS-SMS2003 but when the package are send by it, the message error display in sms log. See below.

      “An error occurred while preparing to run the program for advertisement “SBO20086” (“SBO00018” – “Uninstallation”). The operating system reported error -2147024894: The system cannot find the file specified. Additional program properties: Command line: nwsapsetup.exe /package:”{ACC09557-126F-4A9E-9824-C665564433DE}” /uninstall /sms Working directory: Drive letter (? = any): Possible cause: This message most commonly occurs when the program’s command-line executable file could not be found, when a required drive letter connection to a distribution point could not be established, or when the program is configured to use the SMS Software Installation Account but the account is not specified, could not be found, or does not have the appropriate permissions. Solution: Check each of the items listed above”

      Can you help me ?

      Thank´s !

      1. Former Member

        this looks like a SMS problem, not a SapSetup issue, right? One idea is, that NwSapSetup is in a setup folder, so maybe the commandline should be setup/nwsapsetup.exe ….

    2. Former Member
      Dear Siddhartha,

      I’ve created a SAP Front End Installation Server for SAPGui710 compilation 2.
      After creating a package USER, I was able to deploy SAPGui710 using command line: \\servername\share\nwsapsetup.exe /NoDlg /Package=”USER”
      In the previous version: SAPGui640, we were able to resolve SAPGui problems rather fast after:
      1.     Uninstalling the SAPGui640 Front End Component via Add/Remove Programs
      2.     installing SAPGui640 via command line

      With SAPGui710, I’ve also configured LSH (Local Security Handling) but when trying to uninstall SAPGui710 via Add/Remove Programs an error message saying that Setup does not have enough privileges to uninstall prevents me from continuing.
      A solution is to use the command line, but I would like to activate the ability of uninstalling the SAP Front End components via Add/Remove Programs.

      Another question is about the setup language. I noticed some installations where SAPGui710 setup ran in the German language instead of English. Is there a parameter that I have to set in order to force setup language?

      Can you give me assistance?

      Kind regards,

    3. Former Member

      I am trying to install BI7 as part of a package.  I have created various packages with SAPGUI and SAPGUI + BW, SAPGUI + BW + BI7 etc etc.  Everything installs except the BI7 app.  Is this a known issue or am I expecting too much?

      Hope you can help



      1. Hi Andy,

        BI7 front end requires .NET 2.0 or 3.0 runtime as a pre-requisite. Please download and install that first.


    4. Former Member

      A user likes to uninstall the sapfrontend 7.10 Patch9 the problems occurs the following:

      When I try to uninstall the SAP GUI 7.1 patch 9 it stalls at 10% or 12% and says “executing script action”.  It will not uninstall.

      Any suggestions?

      regards G.Bieber

      1. Former Member

        this sounds like a bug, so a message at the SAP support systems would be approriate. You can speed up processing if you attach the .log files.



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