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This blog is a continuation of my previous blog Configuring & Publishing Enterprise Services from SAP Business Suite system into NWCE (Netweaver Composition Environment) Services Registry. In this blog, I will be describing how to classify the services in the services registry and consuming it from Netweaver Developer Studio (CE7.1).


A company with larger ERP systems and Business suite needs a productive UDDI /ESR for registering all their business (enterprise) services. In such as a scenario, we need to classify or structure the service information for an easy search.  SAP uses the value set (OASIS UDDI Specifications) to classify their business services in the services registry. In UDDI, a value set represents a set of values that can be used to provide meaning or context to a UDDI entity. Category, identifier, and relationship type systems are the example of value sets.

Service Classification

SAP has delivered two main groups for the classification systems:


  1. DPB – Deployment Unit – Process Component – Business Object.
  2. SPB  – Software Component Version – Process Component – Business Object

For example, the DPB group for the purchase order service (ECC_PURCHASEORDER002QR) is classified as the following way:

Deployment Unit  – ERP Application without HCM
Process Component  – Purchase Order Processing
Business Object  – Purchase Order

Classification of DPB group will be created, when the service is published from the SAP system using the transaction ‘WSPUBLISH’.

We can also create the classification for the service manually using the ‘Classify’ option in the Services Registry UI. 

All the above mentioned classification can be searched by using the design-time modelling tools (ESR), IDE tools (ABAP, JAVA). Any new custom categories created thru the Services Registry UI also available in the IDE tools by checking the check box as shown below:

Now we will see how to consume the services from the services registry in Netweaver Developer Studio.


For that, we will create an adaptive web service model from the NWDS (CE7.1) using the services registry. In order to use the services registry in NWDS, we need to first configure the UDDI and Service Classification details as shown below ( option : Window->Preferences->Web Services)




Click on the model from the web dynpro project to create an adaptive web service model. For the WSDL source, select the Services Registry option as shown below:



System will prompt for an authentication for the UDDI and Classification service (which will be the configured parameters under the preferences for services registry in NWDS).



Now you can search the published services from the services registry either by specifying the name of the service or by using the advanced options for search using the classification of services.




Click on the on the button ‘Add Classification’ to load the classifications from the services registry and performing the search.

You have the option of selecting the classification based on the classification system type. In the example below, the classification system is selected based on the ‘DPB group’.




After clicking the ‘Add’ button on the above screen, system will filter the services based on the classification for importing the WSDL.



Select the service that you want to import, in the above screen. Now you have consumed a web service using the Classification based Search (UDDI/ESR) in Netweaver Developer Studio (CE7.1).

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