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Parts Tuning of data load on example of BW Statistics – Episode 1 – Analysis and Tuning of data load on example of BW Statistics – Episode 2 – Further Analysis. 

[2007-02-11] Loads took 7hours.

[2007-02-19] Well, I think I have my ideas now on how to improve loads.

1) I checked how many new SIDs are created during one load:

  • 286,683 in S-table of 0TCTSTAUID
  • 144,235 in S-table of 0TCTTIMSTMP

Ideal to use number range buffering (Note 130253) – just like John and Jay recommended.

2) Another promissing note is 152683 – Buffering master data tables, that recommend to change the buffer setting of lagre master data tables (as above) from ‘single record buffered’ to ‘not buffered’.

[2007-09-20] It is time to close this diary as it is. I am not at that project anymore.

I came with above proposals to guys responsible for performance in that system, and … got 2 page-length forms to populate and heard that I have to follow Change Management process. I.e. I need to do tests in Dev, then … user testing in QA, and then go thru … Go-Live checklist before moving this to production.

I am not good in processes, so I gave up. Until today loads take several hours, but at least procedure has not been broken. Sad, but true.

I know this weblog was supposed to be about technical solution. But the end is written by the Life.

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