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Exactly year ago I published my first weblog “Quickly find needed NetWeaver information on“. The way I described was to use Google, and it was really the way I used. Now, one year later, I am not using Google anymore to search SAP information needed. There is a better way – here is what. 

Today, my basic search tool is SDN Search capability, that you will find in upper left corner of SDN Portal. Now, not only it search SAP documentation on, but as well the content of SDN (forums, weblogs etc) and SAP Notes.

I found this extremely useful in my work. For example, today I needed to check “http compression” and I got everything I needed: documentation, notes and discussions on forums.

What’s the point to write the blog about that? – you might ask. Well, it is a way to appreciate the great work SDN team has done to deliver us this important tool! I had a chance to thank Mark personally during Tech Tour in Palo Alto. This blog is to say thanks to the whole SDN team! and to convert those SDNers, who are not using this approach yet ๐Ÿ™‚

There is still some room for improvement, e.g.

  • having forum’s category displayed next to found forum’s post
  • some further restrictions available on Advanced Search do not work for me – whatever I put in Component field for SAP Notes, I get empty search results

So I am looking forward to have even more powerful tool!

PS. One of the BoF sessions during Community Day on TechEd in Las Vegas will be ‘What makes SDN tick: SDN as the biggest SAP Portal Implementation in the world’ by Ran Cliff. I am in!!

[Added on Oct 4th] PPS. I am a bit disappointed. It is about mentioned the BoF session ‘What makes SDN tick: SDN as the biggest SAP Portal Implementation in the world’. I tough it will be about what it takes to run the biggest portal (challenges, learnings, interesting stories – just like when you talk in front of friends from community) and not what is biggest portal (nr of servers, nr of instances, nr of people and how they are grouped – like when you do presentation for your management)…

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