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Hello everyone. We are again presenting an exciting conference with even more interesting and useful sessions than before, especially in the Process Integration (or Exchange Infrastructure) area.


The EPI351 hands-on session is going to lead you step-by-step on how to develop a Java EE adapter user-module. You will be able to use the steps given in the workshop on your own system when you go back. In addition, the code we used in class can easily be modified to accommodate your own need.

As we get more sophisticated in using PI, we start to contemplate all kinds of possibilities how we can process even more interesting interfaces. Some of these interfaces, at first glance, may appear to be impossible. But, with the help of user-modules, we will now have a gleam in our eyes which will say “humm…I think I can…”.

Adapter user-module introduces capabilities to process messages which seemingly would not be possible. An example is using PGP to read an encrypt message, or to produce an encrypted message for your business partner.

We will also be using the Partner Connectivity Kit (PCK) during this workshop. PCK is a very powerful tool which can be use to test our user-modules without an XI system. Since PCK only requires a J2EE engine, therefore, small enough to be installed on our laptop, we can develop our user-module while travelling, e.g. on an airplane. Yes, your company will love this. You will now be working during all your waking hours, without having to be connected.

This workshop is a repeat of a similar workshop in last year’s TechEd. It has been updated to use NWDS 7.1 and Java EE 1.5.

Workshop Detail

At the end of this workshop, you will:

  1. Understand the architecture of SAP PI Adapter Framework
  2. Use the NetWeaver Developer Studio to develop and deploy the adapter module
  3. Use PCK to test the adapter module
  4. Understand the requirement and steps during the development process
  5. Configure the adapter module in the adapter communication channel
  6. Monitor the adapter module processing in the RWB

To save time, we have pre-configured the PCK and the test interface to test the user-module. But, we have included these configurations in the handouts so that you can duplicate them on your own systems.

I hope see you all there.

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  1. Bhavesh Kantilal
    I attended the session last year in B’lore and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to work on XI adapter modules.

    The handouts given in this session esp the step by step guide with screen shots and the many code templates are very useful. Anyone attending the TechEd this year, do take this session up ๐Ÿ™‚



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