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The funniest evening event of a conference by far was last year in Amsterdam at the Sketch Comedy Club Boom Chicago.  

The evening of the SDN Day we saw their brand new show: Me MySpace and iPod.   I think last year they were even a bit before their time, as only very few in the audience had a MySpace account. 

With the Facebook craze storming into business life in the last months I think people now can relate to their scenes even more. 

This is why I am super happy that the great sponsorship of IBM, thanks to Boris Bialek who made it happen, enabled us to bring Boom Chicago to Las Vegas as the evening event of the Community Day. 

Here are a couple of pictures from last year, where the troupe were interviewing Craig Cmehil about his MySpace account and later enacted a scene from his youth in Florida.


(pictures curtesy of Thomas Jung’s Flickr TechEd Amsterdam set) 

Just looking at the pictures brings good memories and a smile on my face. Rest assured nobody gets pulled on stage against his will. It is all good fun. 

I can’t wait to see it again. I would say that half of the show was based on input from people in the crowed, so it will be a different show and I am curious how it will work out in Las Vegas. 

You know that you have something great planned, when people approach you to see whether they could come to it too. Space is very tight, we can only accommodate people that have signed up for Community Day. Please do so by adding it to your TechEd Ticket or if you just want to come for Community Day, please send an email to

See you all there.  

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      1. Former Member Post author
        Craig will be able to relax and enjoy the whole show. There will be someone else being in the spotlight. Tidy up your MySpace and Facebook account is advisable if you want to have it looked into that night. Going to be great, Mark. 
  1. Former Member
    Want to sign up…But my confirmation code is in my GMail account…And I can’t access from work…Need to wait till I get home…Hope I can still make it -:D



  2. Former Member
    That is awesome news!  We had a blast at this event last year and I am pumped about doing it again.

    If anyone out there is still hesitant about signing up for community day, I just don’t understand…why?  Even if you’re boss won’t pay, it’s only $250 and you will learn more and meet more community members in a smaller environment. 

    I look forward to seeing everyone there.

  3. Former Member Post author
    Just got off the phone with Boom Chicago folks where we were discussing logistics. The great news is, that Dan Oster in the picture wearing the gray t-shirt with “I made SON Day” is now at MadTV in Los Angeles and will join the cast in Las Vegas as well as Matt Jones.
    They are funny, Mark.

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