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Sending E-Mail from Support Message

Sending E-Mail from Support Message

With the following customizing you will create actions to automatically send an e-mail to:

  • the creator of the message (key user) when the message status is changed from ‘open’ to ‘in process’, transaction type SLFN—Example 1
  • the message processor when the message is assigned to him—Example 2

This is an update to the attached SAP Tutor of SAP Marketplace Note 691303.

NOTE: See the latest information in this document Service Desk E-Mail Functionality from February 2010.

NOTE: See also note 1512895 Support team determination + e-mail notific. to support team


Example 1- Mail to message creator

Valid for Solution Manager 7.0 and Solution Manager 7.1, screens taken from a Solution Manager 7.0 stack 9 (note 1011376 applied).

Step 1. Create a new action for action profile SLFN0001_ADVANCED (transaction type SLFN), or for ZMIN_STD (transaction type ZMIN)

Transaction SPPFCADM: Define Action Profile and Actions button.

Application: CRM_ORDER

Action Profile: SLFN0001_ADVANCED



   Description: Enter a description

Action Settings: Schedule Automatically ( deactivate all others)

    Partner Determination: Partner Dependent; Partner Function SLFN0002

Action Merging: Max. 1 action for each definition

Tab: Action Description: Enter a description



Set Processing Type:

Permitted Processing Type: Smart Forms Mail





SAP has delivered 3 standard smart forms:
displays limited text types

Step 2: Assign start condition

Transaction SPPFCADM: Condition Configuration button


Select Technical Names and select the action profile SLFN0001_ADVANCED


Select Start Conditions button:


Create a new start condition with the following values:

Name: Send_Mail

Object Type: BOR BUS2000116 (use BUS2000223 in solman 7.1)

Click on:”Click here to create a new condition”

CRM Service Process: User Status = Constant E0002 of User Status Profile SLFN0001






Transaction CRMBS02 for User Status Profile of SLFN transaction type: SLFN0001 Service Desk Status Header.

Possible constant values for SLFN (see spro–>Define Status Attributes) :

    • E0001 New


    • E0002 In processà The mail wil be send when the message status is changed from ‘open’ to ‘in process’


    • E0003 Customer Action


    • E0004 Sent to SAP


    • E0005 Proposed Solution


    • E0008 Confirmed


Back to actions: Start Condition Tab


Overview Tab:



Processing Details Tab:


In the Support message you will see that the action has been correctly delivered:


Other details to take into account:

  1. Ensure that SCOT is correctly customize in your solman system, see note 455140.
  2. Ensure the Business Partner assigned to the key user sending the message to solman system has an email associated in BP transaction (

Mail that the key user, message reporter, will receive:

From: Sender []
Sent: Date and Time
To: Key user
Subject: Reminder mail

With a pdf attatched called: Reminder mail.pdf, with the following content:

One of your activities is overdue.

Number: 8000000030

Description: Support Message description

Please do not respond to this mail, as it was automatically generated.

Best Wishes – System Administration

In order to change the content of this pdf file, go to sppfcadm, select CRM_ORDER and click on Define Actions Profile and actions button, select SLFN0001_ADVANCED from action profile, click on action definition Z_SEND_MAIL_VIA_ACTION_SENDER that you have created and click on processing types, here you will see the form that is used in your mail is called: CRM_REMINDER_MAIL_01


Double click on the form name, this will open the smartform, click on change button:




Now in the smartform select the form attributes in the global settings folder, here you can see the description of the form change it to whatever you want, for example: Message “in process” status.



Also you can change the message content:



The mail now looks like:

From: Sender []
Sent: Date and Time
To: Key user
Subject: Message “In process” status

Wth a pdf attatched called: Message _In process_status.pdf, with the following content:

One of your activities is overdue.

Number: 8000000072

Description: Support Message description

Please do not respond to this mail, as it was automatically generated.

Best Wishes – System Administration

Also see thread:

Sending an automatic mail on changing message status

  • How to send message as text in the email instead of an attatchment?

    In transaction SCOT under SMTP node – internet settings – output formats the setting for SAPscript/Smart Forms is set to PDF. Change it to TXT, this will populate the body of the email and not send a PDF attachement.

    • How to get all the subject line of email sent with message number in it rather than generic message ‘service transaction w/message’

Example 2: Send a mail to message processor

Valid for Solution Manager 4.0, screens taken from a Solution Manager 4.0 stack 9 (note 1011376 applied).

In this case we will create an action that send an email to the message processor when he is assigned in the support desk message. If you want to change the message processor and send a new mail to the new processor, see *

Follow the indications given for example 1 except for the following step:


   Description: Enter a description

   Action Settings: Schedule Automatically (Deactivate all others)

   Partner Determination: Partner Dependent; Partner Function: SLFN0004

   Action Merging: * Max. 1 action for each definition, if you want that another mail is sent to the processor is you change the processor select: Max. 1 Unprocessed Action for Each Action Definition


Name: Send_Mail

Object Type: BOR BUS2000116

Click on:”Click here to create a new condition”

CRM Service Process: User Status=Constant E0002 of User Status Profile SLFN0001








Again assign mail to Business Partner associated to the message processor.

Other examples

Send mail to Support Team when the message is in New status:/wp-content/uploads/2007/09/image052_248450.jpg




You may know that the PPF actions are working like this:

First we check the schedule conditions of all relevant actions one by one, according to the sort order, if the schedule condition of one action is satisfied then


a. If the processing  time of the action is 3, the start condition of this action will be checked,if start condition is satisfied the action is processed.

b. But if the processing time is 4 for the action, then the action with schedule condition satisfied will be added to a waiting list for action processing. After the schedule condition check is finished for all actions, then the start conditions for all actions in the waiting list will be checked, when start condition is also satisfied the action is processed.


Remember that empty conditions means that are fullfilled.


Also pay attention to the sort order of the action. You should better set a value which is bigger than the ones in the standard actions in the action profile. The sort order determines the sequence of the actions to be triggered. The action with the smaller sort order will be triggered first.


The email sender in SOST will be the user who schedule the action, not the user that processes the action, this is the standard behaviour regarding PPF actions, the user who creates the transaction is the sender of the email.

Please see note 788626 as additionnal example on how to set up a sender according to your wishes.


Note: When you use the same BP number for differents partner fucntions the action is not getting scheduled, this is documented in note:
895546 FAQ: Partner-dependent actions
4.  A partner-dependent action is not scheduled or executed although the partner exists. Why is this the case?

Check if the partner appears in two different partner functions. If so, the activated standard implementation of CRM_ACTION_BADI may be the cause of the problem. Deactivate it. See Note 621183 for more information.


NEW!!! Please check note 1275036 “Linking action execution and status change”

“As of Support Package 19 of SAP Solution Manager 7.0, the BAdI implementation AGS_SDK_SCHED_ST_CHD is available, which you can assign actions of the rule type “Conditions Using Business AddIn (BAdI)” in transaction SPPFCADM.”

See also note 1271530: Actions are carried out twice in transaction



Please have a look to this new document “Service Desk E-Mail Functionality” in


See also SCN document Incident Management and Change Request Management: E-Mail functionality in SAP Solution Manager 7.1



Other interesting information can be found in:


Email on Status Change

( Note 865619: Actions should only be scheduled if status is newly set)


(Note 1041455: Partner dependant actions are not executed (2)

(Note 1030139 Partner dependant actions are not executed CRM-BTX-SVO)

    • Note 964651: Long text disappears after sending email smartform



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  • Hi Dolores,
    We have followed the instructions in your blog for Example 2 – Send a mail to message processor – but no e-mail is created. We do not get any error messages. Do you have any suggestions how to proceed?

    Thanks and Regards

  • Dolores,

    Thanks for that blog – it is very useful.

    One requirement I’ve come across is that observers of the message list should be able to subscribe to specific issues, and get updates mailed to them until they unsubscribe.  (This may be someone who is neither the Raiser or Processor).

    Can this be addressed using the approach you’ve outlined?


  • Hello Dolores,

    Thank you very much for the blog, is helpfully!

    I have configurated the “sending e-mail to the message creator and processor”, and it runs successfully. Now, I am trying to perform the configurations for send automatically an email to a support team member when a message has arrived to solution manager and the status is New. I have followed your indications in the blog for that example, but it doesn´t send any email. I have configurated it with standard SLFN0001_ADVANCED (not ZSLFN0001_ADVANCED as you put in the example) and I have selected a Z* Action definition. In the scheduling condition, I have selected E0001SLFN0001. But it doesn´t run. Any idea?

    Thank you very much!



    • Hello,

      This blog is very helpful! Thanks a lot Dolores.

      Anyway the only thing I couldn’t configure is what Aitor wrote as well.
      I tried to create an action definition to send a mail automatically when the service desk message is created (without any manual intervention). I took the same schedule condition: when user status equal E0001SLFN0001. The result is: I have to open the message and set to “change” mode to start the mail. But I would like to send immediately when it is created.

      So if you find the way please share the answer with us.

      Thanks in advance!


      • In the meantime the problem has been solved. The note 1041455 can relate with this issue but my solution was support package implementation which contains the note correction as well.

        Best regards:

        • Hi Peter, i have the same issue that the email notification didnt trigger when new message was filed in service desk. The note they have suggested 1041455 is not applicable in our support package since correction was already delivered in SAPKU50009 while we are already in SP SAPKU50011.

          Any suggestions? Hope you can share any info regarding this problem.

          Thank you,

          • Hi Peter,
            Check this note 1275036.
            But also a workflow rule based should work.
            Please give me your e-mail, I will send you an example.
            Best regards,
          • Hi,

            I have the some problem with the email to the support team. The email was send when I open the servicecall and saved it. But not automaticaly after the createn of it.

            Very strange

            Any ideas ?


          • Dear all,

            I was quite happy to find this blog. I have exactly the same problem. We are on BBPCROM SAPKU50016, so all notes should be fine.

            Anyway for new tickets, the E-Mail is only send after opening the ticket.

            Any idea?

            Thanks, Stephan

          • Hi Dolores,

            We are on Solution Manager 7.1 SP14 (BBPCRM SAPKU70114) and have the same issue.

            After click “create support message” from ECC system, the incident is created successfully and support team is determined. However, there is no auto email triggered for Support Team.

            Could you please kindly advise which processing time and which schedule condition/start condition should be used for two actions respectively? We define one action for support team determination, and the other action for email with mail form.

            Thank you very much!

            Kind Regards,


  • Hello,

    first thanks a lot for the blog! It’s really good.

    I have a few questions. How can I control language that is used for creation of the mail message? In other words – which language is selected after action is executed? Is it SY-LANGU of user that changed the Support Message? Is it possible to set fixed language for all users?



  • Hi…

    The images from this post are not appearing to me…

    Can you fix this problem? Or send me the document, I don’t know…



  • Hi Dolores, thanks a lot for the blog, it’s very helpful.

    Is there any way to send the message to the business workplace of the message creator in the satellite or Solman system?

    Thanks in advanced

  • hi i want to confgure service desk with email notfincation to users . about anyc hages in ticket created . iam tried configuring blogs but its not working can you ive me step by step guide for configuring same in ehp1 of solman ?

    is there nay prequesite for same

  • Hi Dolores,

    I have created a new smart form and assigned it to my action profile. But still the mail is not generating. Do i need to assign it to all profiles?

    Please advice.



  • Hi Dolores,

    thanks for thsi very good description. I adapt it to my CHARM szenario and it works fine.
    Now, I would like to send an email with a direct link to the related incident, but don’t know, how it works. If I choose a change request trancation in workcenter, I jump direkt in SAP transaction crmd_order. There is no option to trace the url or anything. The goal is, to send a link with an url to the transaction ( e.g. approve a change) and the user will be forwarded directly into the related transaction.
    Is that possible in your experience?

    Kind regards


  • Hello togehter,

    I was quite happy finding this blog. I have the same problem.

    We are on BBPCRM SAPKU50016, so the mentioned notes for the problem are okay.

    Any idea, how can I ensure, that an E-Mail to the support team is send for a new ticket??

    Thanks & Cheers, Stephan

  • Hi Dolores,

    Thanks for the great blog.
    Just wanted to know if it is possible to include the reply sent to the end user in the email as well?
    If so how and what changes need to be done in the smartform?

    Many Thanks,


  • Hi Dolores,

    Your blog is very useful.

    I have a question on do you know how to setup the start or schedule condition of use time stamp for check the message have upate or not?


  • Hi Dolores,

    Very nice this tutorial, could you help with a issue that I’m having on Solman 7.1. On the new Solman I’ve copied the transaction type ZMIV following the VAR Configuration Guide, but when I tried to create an action to send automatically an e-mail the action is not scheduled when I change the user status. Is there a badi to used on the action to solve my issue?

    Thanks in advance,

    Daniel Ferras

  • Hello All,

    I followed same steps for configuration of sending email to “reported by” when status changes, but email is not getting triggered

    Cannot see any action reg. email in action tab of support message

    Solman 7.1 SP10

    Please help



  • Hello Dolores Correa.

    First of all, thank you for the excellent blog, it is very helpful.

    I am trying to configure the following mail action:  “If you want to change the message processor and send a new mail to the new processor, see *”

    However when following the instructions, I get an e-mail to the message processor, every time that a message is saved during status “in process”. So not only when the message processor is changed to someone else…

    Could you give some hints on how to configure the action so it only triggers when the message processor CHANGES?



  • Hello everybody,

    First , thank you Dolores for this blog, it is very helpful.

    Second I have 2 problems : 1. I execute all of this transaction but I don’t have in the support message that the action has been correctly delivered.

                                             2. Somebody can tell me how to customize SCOT to send an external email.

    Please help,

    Thanks for your help.


  • Dear Dolores Correa,

    Many years later and I am using 7.2 SP09, I still find this document helpful and has helped me solve one of my pain areas, just by following and understanding the logic. Thank you very much for this blog.