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Would you like to help SAP set the direction for future development of SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (BI)? SAP TechEd ’07 Las Vegas provides you with opportunities to discuss business intelligence topics with SAP NetWeaver Product Definition and do just that!

SAP and ASUG are jointly hosting Influence Council meetings at SAP TechEd ’07 Las Vegas. ASUG Influence Councils are interactive forums where members can review future product strategy and communicate ideas and concerns about product plans directly to SAP development and product management. The collective voice makes it easy to be heard.

For Business Intelligence, we have three Influence Councils and each will be meeting at this event:

BI304: ASUG Influence Update: Enterprise Data Warehousing Roadmap Session – This ASUG Influence Update will facilitate the collection of customer use cases and feedback on issues related to using SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (SAP NetWeaver BI) as an enterprise data warehouse. The council will focus on driving out prioritized requirements for augmenting of SAP NetWeaver BI functionality as well as providing a forum for customers to submit requirements for new functionality.
Ideal participant profile: Influence Council participants should have experience in data modeling and/or architecting SAP NetWeaver BI and/or experience with global or enterprise-wide data warehousing.
Thursday, 10/4/2007    8-9 AM

BI217: ASUG Influence Update: Enterprise Query and Reporting Roadmap Session – The ASUG Influence Council on Enterprise Query and Reporting is a well established platform for customers to exchange experiences with SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence and to submit requirements to SAP. The council organizes regular conference calls to update members and to prioritize requirements. The council meeting during SAP TechEd provides the environment to meet and discuss in person. Non-members are welcome to join the event.
Thursday, 10/4/2007    9:15-10:15 AM

BI218: ASUG Influence Council: Planning – The ASUG Influence Council on planning will serve as a feedback channel for customers of SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence with integrated planning functionality and the newly acquired OutlookSoft solutions. The council will address issues such as deployment, information integration, process integration, ease of use, user adoption, and TCO. This input will be leveraged by SAP to create and prioritize customer requirements lists with a focus on strategic rather than incremental improvement.
Thursday, 10/4/2007    10:30 AM – 12:30 PM

In addition to the ASUG Influence Council meetings, SAP plans to conduct small round table sessions at SAP TechEd ’07 Las Vegas with up to 5 customers in each. You’ll find a selected list of strategic topics that might be of particular interest to the BI community below, with goals and key questions. If you would be interested in attending one of these sessions please submit a request to participate by clicking on the title of the session below and completing the nomination form.

Business Intelligence: Reporting and Data Warehouse
Session Goal:
While BI tools have demonstrated their “query and format” capabilities in the past, today’s business intelligence evolves as a mature management concept of using all available intelligence right within a business process context – structured or unstructured, operational or analytic. As business intelligence solidifies, technology boundaries vanish while the business process moves center stage.

Key Questions:
How evolved is your company’s business intelligence strategy?
What are the key challenges you face dealing with business intelligence in your company?
How do you expect SAP to support your business intelligence strategy successfully?
Which areas do you expect SAP to focus on when it comes to the agility, simplicity and integration of SAP NetWeaver BI?

Business Intelligence: Integrated Planning and Corporate Performance Management
Session Goal:
Know where you are, where you are going, and how you plan to get there; In this session we would like to discuss with you your strategy for delivering CPM and Business Intelligence

Key Questions:
How many planning functions and technologies do you have?
How is planning information from these systems consolidated?
What are the challenges you face in doing the consolidation?
What are your plans for system and technology rationalization?
How can SAP help guide your decisions and implementation roadmap? 
Visual Composer, Model-Driven UI and Mashups
Session Goal:
Visual Composer is steadily becoming a key factor in the development of composite applications and complementary business scenarios on top of ERP and BI. As adoption grows, Visual Composer is stretching beyond IT departments and into the LOBs, enabling developers as well as non programmers to trigger innovation and collaboratively take part in the specification and development process

Key Questions:

What role does Visual Composer play in your development processes today?
What are the main types of developments you are addressing (BI/Analytics, Forms, Reporting, Transactional) with Visual Composer, and where do you see the main advantages in the future?
Aside from developers, which additional roles in the company would take an active part in the development of composite applications and business process innovation with the introduction of UI modeling tools?
What are the scenarios where user-driven Mash-ups can play a part?

Collaboration Portal

Session Goal:
Search, Collaboration, and Content Management are key applications for today’s information workers. To ensure success in an enterprise scenario, these applications must integrate with business processes. Moreover, flexible and self-service content management and collaboration platforms demand strong governance.

Key Questions:
What challenges do you face offering collaborative workspaces to support your business processes?
What scenarios drive your need for an enterprise search on business objects?
What is your strategic vision of how business users can optimally leverage information within business processes and collaborative practices?

For the full list of strategy session topics (and links), see the “Register for SAP NetWeaver Strategy Sessions at SAP TECHED ’07 Las Vegas !!” blog at Register for SAP NetWeaver Strategy Sessions at SAP TECHED ’07 Las Vegas !!.

If you have questions or need additional clarification on the strategy sessions, please contact Denim Pennington or Susan Guess.

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  1. Former Member
    What would be nice to see after these sessions are over, is what ends up on SAP’s lists of enhancement requests, new features needed, etc, be published on SDN/ASUG with SAP’s comments.

    There could occasionally be something that SAP might consider that it needs to keep confidential for competitive reasons, but I don’t see any harm in listing requested BEx enhancements that are being considered/defined.

    I wasn’t able to find any detail on the ASUG Influence Council web pages or on SDN on what specific enhancements SAP is making/considering for the next verison of BEx. This would be nice to know, and I would think if it was available, a lot of good feedback from SDNers would be useful to SAP. 


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