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I met Tim O’Reilly for the first time at an ETech conference may be 4 years ago. They had a meet the author tables lined up and I was talking to Cory Doctorow who was sitting next to Tim.

Cory was working for EFF back then and I convinced him to present at the Future Salon. It was an excellent session.

“You can find me easily I am the first Cory if you search for me on Google”. Tim heard that and leaned over and said jokingly: “I am the first O” ๐Ÿ˜‰

It is true, back then when you searched for “O” the first result was O’Reilly Networks. Now unfortunately there is Wikipedia with a definition of “O” and the magazine where the owner doesn’t get tired of seeing herself on every cover since 2000.

I am a big fan of Tim. After he presented at the Accelerating Change conference I wrote a fan boy post in September of 2003 titled Saint Tim and Co. Or for a more journalistic view check the Wired magazine article: The Trend Spotter.

He surrounds himself with Alpha Geeks and gets his inspirations from what they are doing. That lead him to see early where the Web was going famously written down in What is Web 2.0  Design Patterns and Business Models for the Next Generation of Software.

So far SAP is not prominent on his famous Radar. May be by him coming to TechEd that may change.

As I was able to make the connection and bring him to TechEd, I was also able to secure a 50 minute Q&A session with him at the Community Day.

With 300 of your close SDN and BPX Community friends you will be able to ask Tim questions even before he goes on stage for his keynote.  I am super curious about his perspective on SAP.

Can’t wait for the session and it is just two weeks away. See you all there.

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        1. Former Member
          NOTE to all: You MUST be signed-up for “Community Day” in order to interact closely with Tim O’Reilly in Las Vegas or Bruce Sterling in Munich.  Sure, you can be one of the 6000 people in the audience to see Tim on the big stage in Las Vegas … or, if you come to Community Day you get to ask him questions and interact with him along with a small group of 300 people in a private session before his big gig (and you get special reserved seating at the front of the room for his keynote).  I strongly suggest anyone who is an SDNer or BPXer and is coming to TechEd come just a little bit earlier and participate in Community Day — it’s a “must do” that has very high value.  Just add “Community Day” to your TechEd experience by going to this link
  1. Moya Watson
    not that i know how this fits with the program, but since you waxed “up close and personal” with the “other o” in the above post, allow me to jump in with an alternate opinion. oprah has been an astounding role model for african american women (and dare i say can often provide a good model for women – people – in general). i can believe her personal appearance on every single cover of her magazine is to continue to provide that model, and to remind women (who might otherwise not have achieved it) of their greatest potential. whatever other faults the populous can find, at a minimum i respect her for that.

    and now back to your regularly-scheduled “o”gramming…

    1. Mark Finnern Post author
      Hi Moya,

      > her personal appearance on every single cover of her magazine is to continue to provide that model
      So you are saying hat in the 7 years of publishing O, Oprah was not able to find another role model worth putting on the front page of her magazine?

      How sad is that? M.

      1. Moya Watson
        ahh – you bait me.  think: figurehead. like jackie “o”… any other “o”s we should cover here before proving the prime significance of “o”? does one need any more encouragement to turn out to see tim at TechEd?

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