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Today, I went to the US Embassy in Lima, Perú and applied for my Visa…Gladly, I get approved, so your going to see me at Las Vegas TechEd.

I want to say thanks to Mark Yolton and Maria Farrales for the invitation letter. Also I must say thanks to Mark Finnern and Craig Cmehil for all the advices and tips they get me.

The main porpouse of this blog, is to inform you that I’m planning to a weblog series detailing all my TechEd trip…From day one to final day, so your going to get a complete overview along with many photos about the people and the events.

Ignacio Hernández is planning to do an Video Blog from Las Vegas and had kindly asked me to the same but in Spanish…So you’re going to get two shows for the price of one…You can’t deny that the SDN is more than a Community…It’s to me a second family.

My weblog series are planned to start on September 30, the day I’m going to be at Las Vegas. So please stay tuned and hope to meet you at TechEd…

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  1. Former Member
    …You will have a great time in Las Vegas and at the event. I was not planning on going this year but got cleared this morning and now I am excited as well. Hopefully we can have an SDN mentor get together as well…
  2. Former Member
    Hi Blag,
    Will watch out for both your’s and Ignacio’s Blogs/TV on happenings at TechEd Vegas.

    Btw I’ve got a little something that was long overdue when Blag’s in Vegas ๐Ÿ™‚ So SDNers watch out !!!

    Blag, check your mail ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Bhanu Gupta
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  4. Thomas Jung
    I noticed that you are getting in on the 30th.  You know if there are enough SDNers getting in on Sunday we could try and meet up for a beer. If my flights are on time, I will arrive at the hotel around 8:00pm.  Anybody else?
    1. Alvaro Tejada Galindo Post author

      Sure that would be awesome! Beer or Rum Dew? That’s the question -;)
      Not sure about my arrival time…Gotta check it as soon as I get home…Gonna twitter you with the details -;)



  5. Former Member
    Still to do [everything] for travel, hope to be there sunday evening!
    Am only for SDN day, hopefully will be able to at least say hello to most fellow SDNers.

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