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I’ve been dropping several hints about new things coming for awhile now, probably going on 3 weeks so now it’s time to show a little something as well. I won’t be doing much more than dropping more hints but I’m almost certain many of you will be able to start putting the various pieces together and start to “see” the picture that is forming.

Things started back in April and have really begun to evolve and grow since then, well now here we are in September almost 3 weeks from probably one of the most important meetings I have had all year. This was a meeting that had me nervous, seriously nervous something I’ve not been for a long while, if that’s any indication of how much I’ve been putting into this project I’ve been working on. Bringing “Enterprise” to Second Life is not an easy task and dealing with the negative aspects the press often seems to focus on – it’s been an adventure and an interesting journey to say the least – but one thing on August 23, 2007, became very clear to me… The Adventure has just started.

As much as I would love to just blurt out everything coming down the pipeline, I simply can’t, but I can give everyone glimpses into this exciting new time. Heck I even talked about it (ok just a little bit) on the last episode of Starship Enterprisey Radio.


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So what is happening in this online virtual realm? Well I can tell you that it’s something new and different for sure, and you are going to watch to keep a tab on this area! This weekend the next piece is in place, a brand new building on our space on Silicon City.

Interesting and actually quite massive build, nice elements such as the trees and walkway leading to ?? oh wait that’s not ready yet to share.

This space however is big, and set up on 3 levels with large meeting areas, of course our central meeting is still the current one everyone knows and loves, but this will soon become quite central and interesting as well. Look for more information in the coming weeks days. I’m pushing hard to get the information out and once each piece is finalized and has gone through the paces you will be the first to know. With that I want to share with you something I have managed to get added to Community Clubhouse during the upcoming SAP TechEd events. So if you are attending and I hope you are then come by and check it out and see it first hand for yourselves!

SAP Community Office @ Second Life
Join us in the Community Clubhouse during SAP TechEd for a peek into the SAP Community Office inside of Second Life, the 3-D virtual world opened in 2003 and entirely built and owned by its ~10 million residents. Come by and check out numerous sessions on building, communicating, and exploring SL to see how the new SAP Community Office is innovating community interaction in this new paradigm, and helping to bridge the gap across real world, early Web 2.0 communities, and emerging 3D virtual worlds in order to enable future methods of active collaboration.



So what does this really mean? Are we just going to show pictures and stand/fly around in Second Life? Not at all, what it all means is that if you want to be part of the most exciting Community Day and Community Clubhouse since they started, you need to sign up now and ensure you have a spot! It also means to come ready to explore, and take part in some very cool activites happening – one being the SDN and ADOBE Hacker Night – Thomas mentions a little about this during his latest episode of the ABAP Freak Show and tomorrow several hours from now I will be giving the juicy details of how you can get signed up for this limited seating event, and for those of you perhaps not present how you can still attend virtually

Also don’t forget the Profile Contest – where are you?, we are anxious to see what you can do and also be sure to label your profile with the appropriate tag so we know who is attending what location, combine that with other keywords to define your areas of interest and talk about a killer combination of meeting and networking!

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  1. Former Member
    I always wondered what a tool like second life could add to our business reality. I guess I will have this answered within 2 weeks.

    Keep the information coming!

    Thanks for now

    Leonardo De Araujo


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