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As promised in the Get Your Hands on more Hands-On Part One: Las Vegas here is the list of the hands-on sessions at the Community Day in Munich. In addition some pictures of the cool place we found in the center of Munich for our evening event. Can’t wait to have my first beer there. (See further down)

Some may know that Siemens has its headquarters in Munich so I am proud that Fujitsu-Siemens is the event sponsor and enabled the oh so popular Discovery System workshop

TheSAP Discovery System software for enterprise SOA offers a head start on the road to a full SOA implementation by providing a vehicle for easily prototyping and testing service-enabled composite applications.

With the SAP Discovery System for enterprise SOA, you get a complete, fully documented system with standard SAP software components for developing and delivering service-based applications, including all the interfaces, functionality, data, and guidance necessary to run a complete, end-to-end business scenario.

Matthias Zeller from Adobe a long time supporter of SDN, you may remember him from last year’s Demo Jam. His leadership saw the value of the SDN Day last year already and Adobe sponsored SDN Day, they are sponsoring this year again. Their session is: 

Developing engaging user interfaces and rich internet applications with Adobe Flex
This is a 2 hour hands-on workshop (bring your laptop) – We will discuss the fundamentals of Flex and Flash and how Flex applications can integrate with SAP. Developers and consultants will share with you how they use Flex in SAP projects. If you do not have Flex Builder yet, we will install a trial version on your laptop and implement a small sample project. Bring your laptop for this one.  

Matthias even posted a Engaging User Interfaces with Adobe Flex.

You may also remember Andreas Wiegenstein from Virtual Forge in the Clubhouse he was doing the security zone the last years. This year he is also doing a hands on session.

Application vulnerabilities: the hidden backdoor to your business assets

Andreas will talk about security flaws in custom applications based on SAP frameworks and in what way they can affect corporate assets and compliance. For that, we’ll show examples and let people experience how easy attacks can be hands-on, if the bring their own laptop. Also, will will talk about the necessary processes to avoid security defects in applications (something for the BPX crowd).

This is an exclusive Community Day session and will not be repeated during TechEd.

Now to the evening event. Just got off the phone with Bruce Sterling. He is really looking forward to the event, will join us for the whole day. He has a little Spimes video that he is going to share and is excited about the 8m deep beer celar: “Who can’t look forward to an old beer celar in the center of Munich? It has been ages that I have been in one.” Once we are there, we will give his perspective to our day and what else is going on that we should pay attention to. 

As promised  here are some pictures of the beer celar. It is an antique storage-cellar where they cooled down their beer during the summer months in former times, before there were electric firgerators. It is 8m deep under the ground. It was built in the beginning of the 19th century and got renovated during the last few years. It is a hidden gem, that isn’t often opened to the public.  



Can’t wait to have my first beer there on the evening of the 16th and listen to what Bruce has to say. See you all there. 

Sign up or add the Community Day to your TechEd ticket. Reminder: If you have an evil eyed boss, who doesn’t want or can’t send you to TechEd, you can sign up for just the Community Day only, which is Euro 250. Just send an email to Christian: (For Las Vegas it is $250 and Andrea will help you at:

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