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By now SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment has been downloaded approximately 8000 times via SDN which makes it one of the most frequently downloaded packages on SDN! This shows me two things: First, there seems to be quite some interest regarding this product and second, there are at least 8000 people on SDN who could make my life much easier…

As the title of this blog indicates it is not about rolling out information regarding a specific topic. It is the very opposite – I’m calling for your participation in influencing the future direction of SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment.

I’m responsible for the product definition of SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment and up until now my colleagues involved in product definition and I used various channels for doing what we call roll-in (which means defining requirements coming from our customers and partners and hand them over to development) but I thought that it is time to add the SDN-Community as one channel for roll-in as well.

And this is how it works: Whenever you feel you have a great idea on how to improve SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment just post it in one of the dedicated threads in the Composite Applications. In order to make it easier for me to digest your ideas I created six threads along the high level layers of SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment. The following figure illustrates these layers:



The following table will provide you some guidance on when to use which thread:


Category Description CE-Forum Thread
General In this thread you can post your general ideas regarding SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment. Which means every idea which does not fit into any of the other threads or which goes across multiple layers and therefore could be entered in many threads should be posted here. General Ideas about CE
Process You can post all your ideas regarding additional capabilities for the process layer in SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment in this thread. Ideas for the CE process layer
UI This thread should be used to post ideas regarding the UI layer of SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment. Ideas for the CE UI layer
Service Here you can post any ideas regarding the service layer including WebService consumption WebService provisioning, Backend connectivity or any other SOA relevant capabilities you think SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment should embrace. Ideas for the CE service layer
Application Server All your ideas around the application server layer of SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment should be posted in this thread. Ideas for CE-Application Server
Development Environment Regarding ideas for the development environment layer of SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment you should use this thread. Ideas for CE-Development Envrionment



You may have recognised that I’ve talked about process, UI, etc. layers and not about the concrete solutions like SAP NetWeaver Guided Procedure, SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer, etc. The reason for this is that I would like to encourage you to also think beyond existing solutions and not to focus on the existing ones only.

Once ideas have been posted everybody is invited to post her or his appreciation by shortly responding via the forum to the idea (please follow the rules of engagement). This will show me if there is a critical mass which supports a certain idea and if it would make sense to take the idea to the next level.

The next level means that the idea would be moved to a dedicated Wiki-Page in order to be enriched by the owner and its contributors with additional important information such as:


  • A detailed description of the idea incl. e.g. Screenshots
  • A description of the concrete Scenarios/Use Cases which should be implemented if the idea would be implemented.
  • A description of the benefits one gets if the idea gets implemented (e.g. increase of developer productivity or reduction in TCO).

And again, everyone is welcome to comment and response to the idea.

Once the idea is completed in the Wiki it will be up to me to talk to the development and see if and when we could include the idea into the product. Of course this could take a while but once the decision has been made to implement the idea I will let you know when you can expect it to be available in the product.

Well, reading through this Blog you may ask yourself “Why should I do that? What is in it for me?” My answer is: You are getting a chance to influence the product and therefore make it more beneficial for you. This should be enough already, shouldn’t it?

What are you saying? This is not enough!

Ok ok, I got it. In addition I will reward your ideas with points!

This is how you can earn points by posting your ideas:


  • 20 Points – If the idea thread you start gets 5 or more “votes” – replies that endorse the idea – by unrelated SDN members
  • Additional 50 Points for the lead and 20 Points for each contributor – If you turn an idea endorsed by 5 or more SDN members into a full requirement document in the Wiki.
  • Additional 100 Points for the lead and 50 Points for each contributor – If the idea that you’ve documented in the wiki gets included in SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment.

Before I let you now think in silence for good ideas I need to mention some disclaimers:


  • The proceeding I’m suggesting here is a kind of pilot. It was my idea to do this for collecting ideas regarding SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment. If this is successful we may apply this to other products as well but for the time being please post only ideas regaring SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment.
  • As I mentioned in the first bullet point this is a pilot. Currently I’ve no clue how many ideas will be submitted and supported by the community. As I’m alone and your are many it could be that I’ll become the bottleneck of this proceeding. In this case I apologize upfront. Please be patient and be assured that I’m doing my best!
  • I’m looking for new innovative ideas for the product. Please do not use this for bug reporting.
  • Unfortunately I can not promise you upfront if or how many of your ideas will be implemented. The commitments to what will be implemented with a new release of SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment are not giving by me but I’ll promise to create awareness of the top ideas and push hard for their implementation.

With that being said I conclude my Blog and ask you to be innovative!

Best regards,

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  1. Richard Hirsch

    I wrote a series of blogs on GP earlier this year that contain many ideas about product improvements. Search for “Guided Procedure Explorations” and you will find them. For example, “Guided Procedures Explorations: The effect of organizational structure” examines the current problems that occur in using GP in large organizations.

    I’ll try and break the blogs down into CRs and add them to the forum.


    1. Hi Dick,

      if you could add them to the forum that would be great because I’m curious to see the reaction of the community in terms of voting for specific CR’s.

      Thanks in advance for your work!



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