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Ah me, it’s nice to be back.  A few of you know me from my work on SDN, or before, when I was with SAP Consulting or SAP Education.  Well, I’m on a six-month assignment with the SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment team in Walldorf right now, and part of my job has been to get back in – to do the deep dive – back in to SAP technologies…  It’s nice to be back. 

 What have I been doing?  Many things.  But to start…

I’ve spent some time figuring out how to download and assemble the different pieces that enable you to use SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe within your composite applications. While this is for Composition Environment 7.1 SP1, I’m assured the procedure will be very similar for the upcoming SP3 release. I should also be clear – these steps go toward setting up a comprehensive development system for the SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment. This adds another piece to that environment.

So, Why?

The user interface layer of a composite application created using SAP’s Composition Environment should support easy adoption. That is, it should enable someone to do their part in a collaborative business process using tools that are familiar and easy to use. Sometimes that means emulating the forms (online or offline) that people normally use to complete their work.

SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe are a convenient way to add forms to collaborative processes where paper-based processes need to be replaced or facilitated, or where certain tasks are executed offline.   Once in place, you can use SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe to create forms as callable objects that can be placed into your guided procedures.  Integrated forms become part of the flow.

So, How?

First of all, I’m describing how to add ADS to an existing CE development environment, not a productive environment, in this blog… Furthermore, I’m focused on the additional steps to add ADS – I’m not covering the basics of CE installation and configuration itself.

So, that said, here are the broad steps for extending the SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment to include SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe:


CE Development Server Configuration

  1. Install the Additional Scenario – Adobe Document Services
  2. Apply the CE_composition_environment_development_full configuration template
  3. Configure Service Startup to Support ADS
  4. Set up the ADS Group, User, and Authentication
  5. Install Adobe Credentials


CE Developer Desktop Configuration

  1. Install Adobe LiveCycle Designer
  2. Test the Installation


You’ll find the SAP documentation for doing this work in two main places. Here, in CE Master Guide, and here, in the SAP Library. I also owe a huge shout-out and respect to Abdul Razack of the SAP NetWeaver RIG in the Americas. He has truly filled in all the blanks on this topic.

So, to begin.

Install the Additional Scenario – Adobe Document Services

The Composition Environment installation media (regrettable not the SDN preview version) includes installation packages for two additional scenarios – Adobe Document Services (ADS) and Voice. You start the installation of the ADS scenario by double-clicking the install.exe file in CompositionTools directory under ntintel:


Select the “Adobe Document Services – Add-on Installation” and continue:


The installation will run for up to an hour depending on the characteristics of the system on which you’re installing…

Apply the CE_development_full Configuration Template

In my experience, installing ADS reconfigures your CE runtime environment to support only ADS… Trying to reach the portal in that environment gets a “Service stopped” or “Service unavailable” error, which is kind of disconcerting. The fix is simple, fortunately. Open up the config tool and reset the configuration template to the CE_composition_environment_development_full template. This switches everything (including ADS) back on. Here, take a look:





And after:


Configure Service Startup to Support ADS

The Master Guide tells us we must do this to enable ADS in our CE development environment: Stop your CE application server using the SAP MMC, and then set the “Log-on as” value to Local System Account for the two CE server-related Services (SAPCE1_00 and SAPCE1_01) you see in the Windows Services console.


Restart the services, and then restart your application server.

Set up the ADS Group, User, and Authentication

Next task is to set up access and authorizations for ADS services on your Java server. Do this by creating an ADSCallers Group to which you assign the SAP_ADSCALLER role, and create an ADSUser login account that is assigned to this group.

Set up the ADSCallers Group:


Set up the ADSUser Login:


You’ll use this user to set up the logical port through which ADS operates.

Open the NetWeaver Administrator using https://:/nwa, and navigate to Configuration Management > Infrastructure Management > Web Services Configuration.

Search for the Proxy Definition DestinationSI and manually create a new logical port for that destination.


Name the new port ConfigPort_Document, configure its endpoint WSDL as https://localhost:50100/inspection.wsil, and configure it to use the ADSuser username and password you created earlier in this step.


Install Adobe Credentials

As the last step of the CE-server-side configuration, you must add credentials from Adobe to your implementation to enable its use. You can download a trial set of credentials from the CE download page on SDN (see step 12), or follow the instructions in SAP Note 736902 to get full credentials. The credentials are delivered in a .pfx file with accompanying password, and the files are time-constrained. When your credentials expire, your ADS services will too!

Unpack the credentials files and place them in ADS’s credentials directory, shown below:


Then return to the NetWeaver Administrator and navigate to Adobe Document Services:


Add a new credentials object, alias ReaderRights, into which you load the credentials file and password (the password can be found in the .txt file in the credentials directory):


The credentials upload will look like this:


Save, and you’ve completed the CE-server-side installation and configuration of Adobe Document Services. So, what’s next? Installing and configuring the client-side pieces for ADS, of course.

Install Adobe LiveCycle Designer

As SAP Note 962763 explains, you may already have Adobe LiveCycle Designer on your desktop, installed by the Designer Installer or as part of SAP GUI or the SAP NetWeaver Developers Studio. You can tell by looking for “SAP Interactive Forms” in Add or Remove Programs launched from the Control Panel. If you do have an earlier version, it must be uninstalled befor you install version 7.1.

The media for Adobe LiveCycle Designer can be downloaded from the SAP Service Marketplace if you have an s-number there. Search for it in the software download center under Installations and Upgrades.


The installation then is simple. Unzip the media into a directory and double-click the ALDsetup.exe file:


With this, your CE development environment, both server-side and client-side, are extended with Adobe Document Services. Congratuations! But then, how can you know?

Testing the Installation

You test the installation by creating and using forms as Callable Objects in your guided procedures. A simple test is to invoke Interactive Forms tools within the design time, as follows:


Use the Template Creation tools to invoke the Adobe LiveCycle Designer:


And bang in your forms:


Once you’ve mapped the fields of your forms to the input parameters of the services you’re using, you’ll be using SAP Interactive forms by Adobe as full interface elements within your composite applications. Cool!

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  1. Sidharth Deshpande
    Hello Scot,

    Thanks for the detailed blog. I have just installed the CE Sneak preview and i find that ADS is not installed as part of the installation. Is this correct?

    For this blog did you use files downloaded from SDN.

    Please do let us know.


    1. Former Member Post author
      Hello Sidharth,

      Regrettably, the ADS media is not part of SDN preview CE version.  I mentioned this in my blog, but perhaps not promiently…  It’s here:

      “The Composition Environment installation media (regrettable not the SDN preview version) includes installation packages for two additional scenarios – Adobe Document Services (ADS) and Voice…”

      My blog uses the installation media currently available to CE 7.1 SP1 ramp-up participants.

      When CE leaves ramp-up, full installation media including that for additional scenarios will become available.  Until then, we must be patient. 

      Scott Jones

  2. Former Member
    I’ve configured the ADS in CE according to your blog, but getting the following error message while creating the logical port – “Specified WSDL cannot be loaded; reason: WSDL1.1, WSDL2.0 definition element expected.”
    Can you please help?
  3. Former Member
    Hi Scott

    Is Adobe Live cycle Designer 7.1 comes with some separate license or it is available with latest SAP GUI.

    Can you confirm on this.


  4. Former Member
    Hi Scott,
    I installed a full CE 7.1 with SP4, I followed all instructions reported in your blog (I performed first the configuration wizard for ADS configuration), but, when I want to create an Interactive form the related link (Create Interactive Form) is not visible . Neither invoking “Create Callable Object” the Interactive Form link is not present in the available form options. I have ALL portal roles.

    Do you know why?

  5. Former Member
    really good description. Thanks for that. Only one thing: In SP3 you find the point
    “Open the NetWeaver Administrator using https://:/nwa, and navigate to Configuration Management > Infrastructure Management > Web Services Configuration.”


    https://:/nwa, and navigate to SOA Management > Business Management > Web Services Administration.”


  6. Hi,
    I installed CE and Adobe Interactive Forms from SDN, and I’ve followed all steps according to your blog, but I can’t find the link Web Services Configuration under Configuration Management > Infrastructure Management.

    Please, could you help me?

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Former Member Post author
      Hi Jennie,

      See Matthias Marchl’s update to my blog (the first reply below yours).  The web services link has moved in CE 7.1 SP3.

      This blog was written before SP3 and is growing obsolete…  I recommend these more current resources:

      The ADS forum on SDN for questions and answers:
      SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe

      The ADS Configuration Guide:

      The ADS topic page on SDN:

      These resources are up-to-date and should help.

      Scott J.

  7. Former Member
    We installed SAP CE 7.1 on different servers, but it seems that ADS (especially user ADSUSER) is not installed.
    Is ADS part of CE 7.1 (regular installation)?
    Can it be installed afterwards and how?



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