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Space for hands-on sessions is limited at TechEd. Every participant can only sign up for two and everyone is guarding their vouchers like tickets to a Bruce Springsteen concert.

Brawls have broken out in front of hands-on rooms. Once someone pulled a gun to ensure entry to a very popular one. He walked in and sat down, put the gun next to the computer and started the first exercise. Useless to say it was a tense workshop. Once the session was over the Police took him away.  — Well, actually, I made that one up. 

Nevertheless, these sessions are super popular. The little secret that most people don’t know is, that we have some very interesting hands-on sessions at the Community Day too. Some of these you can’t find in the rest of the program. 

In Las Vegas IBM with DB2 Information Management Software is title sponsor of the event. I am really happy that Boris Bialek is joining us this year. 

He is known as Crazy Boris, I wouldn’t repeat that, if he wouldn’t call himself that. Keith Elliott who for  the longest time has organized TechEd told me the following TechEd story long before SDN or our community driven events. Boris would do Linux nights. Sessions that would start at 8pm and go to midnight. 

These sessions where so popular, that there were tons of people that could not come in.

Boris saw that and talked to the guys (yes these were probably all guys) and said. Come back at midnight and we do another session, and they did until 4am in the morning. 

You may now understand why I am happy to have him there. He pulled some strings for the sponsorship too, I am convinced. 

His two sessions are:

Linux Cluster for a BW
Hey we talk about those clusters for a long time. This class (hands on for two hours – no surrender style) is meant for those who would like to kick tires to a different way. You are not a DB2 person ? No matter – swing on in and try the cluster out including smart technologies like MDC, MQT and else – I love those three letter acronyms. (and if you survive this class you get tips and tricks for my battlezone wihc is cool as ever).

Virtualized Linux with DB2
Everybody talks about Virtualization and things like Vmware or Xen come up as buzz words btu what can and can not be done today ? This session in more or less round table format (well – I have slides but we do not go over them) should allow a broad discussion and exchange from experiences in the SAP deployment space.  and before I forget – all goes – no marketing welcome.

You will find Boris in the Clubhouse doing a treasure hunt during TechEd, but you will not find these sessions on the agenda.  

Often sponsorship sessions are boring. Ours are cool.

Matthias Zeller from Adobe a long time supporter of SDN, you may remember him from last year’s Demo Jam. His leadership brought Adobe last year already to sponsor SDN Day, this year again the first one to support us. Here is his session: 

Developing engaging user interfaces and rich internet applications with Adobe Flex
This is a 2 hour hands-on workshop (bring your laptop) – We will discuss the fundamentals of Flex and Flash and how Flex applications can integrate with SAP. Developers and consultants will share with you how they use Flex in SAP projects. If you do not have Flex Builder yet, we will install a trial version on your laptop and implement a small sample project. 

Matthias even posted a Engaging User Interfaces with Adobe Flex.

Last but not least for Las Vegas Fujitsu-Siemens have agreed to sponsor the oh so popular Discovery Sytem workshop. We just signed that deal, this is why we haven’t announced it yet.

TheSAP Discovery System software for enterprise SOA offers a head start on the road to a full SOA implementation by providing a vehicle for easily prototyping and testing service-enabled composite applications.

With the SAP Discovery System for enterprise SOA, you get a complete, fully documented system with standard SAP software components for developing and delivering service-based applications, including all the interfaces, functionality, data, and guidance necessary to run a complete, end-to-end business scenario.

All of these sessions sound really interesting and I wold love to participate. But it will be like blogging is for me right now. During the day I get too many interruptions, so that I only get to blog once Nina is in bed. Tonight is hard, as I want this post out, but on the other hand I am really tired. 

Got to go. One last thing before I do. There is no list that guarantees you a spot. In the morning of the Community Day there will be sing up sheets. No vouchers and enough spots. Don’t forget that many interesting BOF sessions will happen at the same time. 

Join us there, just leave the gun at home ๐Ÿ˜‰  

P.S. Details to the Munich Community Day hands-on sessions will come soon  

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