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Many people have already written about SOA. Check these blogs. I would like to explore the concept of ESOA – in technical point of view, through series of blogs.

I start this series sharing my view point about SOA and SAP products & technologies.

I had an argument with one of my friends about maturity and usability of SAP technologies for the purpose of implementing Service oriented architecture. He said that SAP technologies are not mature enough to be used effectively in SOA based implementations and they have just started adapting to SOA. He also mentioned that SAP does not provide a tool which integrates different systems and also provide a simple user interface generation tool without much programming unlike some other products in the market.

I am not sure which product is providing the full capability to integrate different legacy systems and also provide easy to use user interface generation tool. However the main advantage of SAO is that it enables enterprises to use specialized softwares to meet customer’s requirement. Requirements of customers are always changing. SAP may not be able to provide tools for everything where as some other vendor may have a specialized software for a specific requirement. So by service enabling standard ERP – SAP Processes, SAP is allowing customers to seamlessly integrate with other products. If a specific product / user interface tool satisfy certain requirements, customers have the option of using other softwares provided that software can consume enterprise services exposed by SAP ERP System.

In my next blog, I will try to explore the cost of service enabling a custom SAP based solution.

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