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Finally the list of the top 3 contributors of 2006/2007 are tallied up. Sorry it took a while. Thank you to everyone who got a some points last year, be it in the forums or via a blog or other contributions. You make this SDN and BPX Community world go round.  

Little reminder the overall Top Contributors are:

1    Rich Heilman            19,676
2    Anji Reddy Vangala   15,774
3    Bhanu Gupta            14,941

Top BPX Community contributors

1    Natty Gur                2,410
2    Richard Hirsch         1,590
3    Marilyn Pratt           1,284

You may also want to compare to The Best of 2006.

The winners get a pin, a certificate and a voucher for the SAP shop ($100 first, $50 second and $25 third place). 

Drumroll for this year’s (our year goes form August to July) winner:

SAP NetWeaver Platform

1    Aidan Constable        2,400
2    Ruchit Khushu        2,208
3    Mike Pokraka        1,704
4    Prakash Darji        1,520

Prakash wasn’t too far behind this is why we list him too. Congratulations to all.  

SAP NetWeaver Portal 

1    Michael Nicholls        4,906
2    Daniel Wroblewski        3,066
3    Praveen Gudapati        2,310
A clear winner with almost 2000 points difference Michael Nicholls from Australia. 

Knowledge Management

1    Robert Briese        1,334
2    Detlev Beutner        1,048
3    Patricio Garcia        1,014
A long time SDN supporter, last year number three in KM and this year’s winner: Robert Briese. Well deserved.  

Business Intelligence

1    Bhanu Gupta        14,814
2    Edwin Harpino (A.H.P)     10,186
3    Anil Kumar Sharma        7,820
I am super happy that Bhanu is the number one this year. She did an amazing job representing us at a big ASUG meeting in Chicago earlier this year. 

Exchange Infrastructure (XI) 

1    Bhavesh Kantilal        11,608
2    Michal Krawczyk        9,872
3     Shabarish Vijayakumar        4,014
3    Krishna Moorthy P      4,012

No wonder Michal Krawczyk is pinging me regarding the results, it was a very close race, the third and fourth place are only 2 points appart. As it is not even 10 points difference, we will send both of you a pin, certificate and voucher.  

Mobile Infrastructure

1    Santosh V        2,640
2    Karsten Strothmann        1,004
3    karthick Lakkaraju        816
4    Jo Gel Santiago        784
5    Sivakumar V        764


1    Abesh Bhattacharjee     1,330
2    Dipankar Saha       950
3    Salvatore Castro        854

Abesh really came to the forefront this year. Happy to see him being the top xApps contributor. 

Master Data Management

1    Lars Rueter        1,660
2    Steffen Ulmer        706
3    Sudhendu Pandey        680
4    Markus Ganser        642
Markus  in striking distance to number 2 and 3 Next year? 

SAP Business One 

1    Trinidad Martinez        3,832
2    Frank Moebius        1,628
3    Owen Slater        1,602
I love how active Business One is here, really proofs that we are a network of communities.

Emerging Technologies

1    Abesh Bhattacharjee        1,840
2    Eddy De Clercq        1,804
3    Tarun Telang        1,440
Eddy and Abesh very close for the first and second place.

Community General

1    Craig Cmehil        6,211
2    Eddy De Clercq        2,370
3    Anubhav Raj        2,061

I have pins from previous years and when I wear them people ask where my troups are. I smile and explain, that it is the ‘General Category’ for posts or forums that don’t fit into any of the other ones. No one is as active as Craig here. With over 6000 points well deserved. 


1    Mark Schenecker        480
2    Mark Crawford        400
3    Gunther Stuhec        190
All three are SAP employees. It is hard for someone not working for SAP to break into the Standards area.  


1    Rich Heilman        17,490
2    Anji Reddy Vangala        15,734
3    Narendran Muthukumaran        14,704

While writing the well received Advance ABPA Programing book together with Thomas Jung, Rich Heilman still found time to be super active in the ABAP forum. Excellent Job Rich.  

Enterprise SOA

1    Rohit Kumar Shukla        1,940
2    Peder Helle        1,442
3    Bryan Gesicki        1,200
4    Rick Swan        1,184
Rick only 16 points away from Bryan. 

Business Solutions

1    Stephen Birchall        5,620
2    Rajesh Banka        4,108
3    Suresh Datti        4,036
4    Atul                 4,002
5    Mohammad Arif Mansuri        3,968
Business Solutions have really taken off last year and the proof is that 4000+ points doesn’t guarantee you a top 3 spot.  

Web Dynpro

1    Jochen Guertler        3,720
2    Bertram Ganz        3,290
3    Valery Silaev        2,966

Jochen and Bertram both long time SDN supporters. They have written the Maximizing Web Dynpro for Java book, which came out September of last year. Great that they also found time to contribute here.  


1    Wolfgang Janzen        774
2    Kristian Lehment        680

Web Services 

1    Martin Raepple        785
2    David Burdett        760
3    Umit Yalcinalp        740


1    Lars Breddemann        974
2    Andreas Herzog        928
3    Peter Simon        864

Scripting Languages 

1    Piers Harding        1,566
2    Alvaro Tejada Galindo        1,350
3    Gregor Wolf        1,258

Application Server 

1. Raja Thangamani  4,466  
2. Durairaj Athavan Raja  3,384  
3. Vladimir Pavlov   1,490

Overall a big thank you from the Community Team to all the Top Contributors without your passion this community would resemble a goast town. 

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  1. Former Member
    Congratulations to me -:P I made it on second place of Scripting Languages -:D Hurray!

    It’s nice to see so many familiar names on the list…That means that top contributors don’t sleep on their own fame -;)



    1. Mark Finnern Post author
      Hi Blag,

      Great question, made me realize that I didn’t add the picture of one of the pins. I updated the post.

      As you can see it is an ABAP one, so there will be one for Scripting too and you will get your own.

      I am a bit bummed that I didn’t make it this year, as I like our new orange color. We joked in the office that we would do a new category with Top Contributor with the last name Finnern, just to make sure that I get a pin too ๐Ÿ˜‰

      See you at the Community Day, Mark.

      1. Former Member

        That’s awesome! Thanks -:) Can’t wait to wear it! BTW you didn’t make it this year because of your 3 months off…But I’m sure that Nina is happier that you spend time with her over that you get on Top Contributors list -;)



  2. Former Member
    Hi Mark,
    how are you doing?
    at first a hearty congratulations to all the top performers in the popular catagories.
    i personally have had the opportunity to work with Owen Slater from the B1 community, well done my friend ;-))

    now a question :
    there are other smaller communities / forums which are not mentioned in your list of top performers
    to name a few …
    SAP NetWeaver .NET Technologies [where i contribute]
    Composite Application Framework
    SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe
    SAP NetWeaver – IBM Software Interoperability
    SAP NetWeaver Administrator
    Documentation & Guidelines

    i hope that there can be someway that contributors to these forums can receive similar accolades to that of their peers in the more popular ones, as they work and play just as hard, and do feel a bit slighted to not have their communities or recognized or be included in the festivities.

    with respect,

  3. Raguraman Chandrasekar
    I am really babazooled, I have scored over 1500 points in last year, but still my name is nowhere displayed in the contibutors list in the whole forum. I really wonder why??!!?!


  4. Former Member
    My best wishes and Congratulations to all top performers in all the forums.


    I feel the Functional Forums are left out in all cases, be it a Recoganisation for contributing to the community or conducting Teched on the Technology side or giving an oppurtutnity for certification at the end of Teched.

    I would suggest that SAP should also motivate the functional consultants, by providing an opportunity for them also similar to Teched, where they should be able to go through the latest applications demo and If possible also allowing Functional Certification or delta certification at the end.

    This is just a thought…



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