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In this weblog I will try to present how to enable all and test one

of the standard MDM web services – MDMgetKeyMapping.

MDMgetKeyMapping can be used to get system specific keys of certain objects

for example material index in another system.

Part 1

For a start you need to deploy MDM standard web services on a JAVA WAS system

(for test purposes you can use any JAVA WAS -> XI has one too).

You need to deploy files specified below with the use od SDM.





Once you’re done you need to fill in user name and password that the SOAP messages

will use when calling MDM for all MDM service you need to use.

You need to do it from Visual Administrator (VA) in:

– services
– – configuration adapter
– – – appcfg/Propertysheet

the screen shows how to do it for BP Web Services


Now you can open web service nagivator and you should be able

to see all of your standard web services.


In order to be able to utilize getKeyMapping Web Service we need to fill

some key mappings in MDM – Data Manager.



Once you fill key mapping table with some sample data we can start the test.

The easiest way to test your WS is with the use of wsnavigator.

Open page: http://javaserver:j2eeport/wsnawigator and open MDMgetKeyMapping.

You can test it from there by filling it with appropriate values:



If you created everything correctly you can test it and you should see

correct response (with the new key value)



Part 2

To be able to use that in your intergration flows (assuming you have XI/PI)

you can do it in two ways:

a) you can create a BPM (integration process) that will make a synchronous call
to MDM to fetch the key mapping data


This approach requires the use of a BPM so it will certainly hit your XI’s performance

if you have many flows in XI – that is why this approach is not advisable

b) you can call key mapping web service directly from your mapping.

This approach is much faster (if you compare to the one with a BPM)

This approach is very well described in Bhavesh Kantilal’s weblog in case

you’d like to try it on your own:

Webservice Calls From a User Defined Function.



With this approach you need to make sure that you take care of any error situations  

Hope this weblog will help some people who are starting with MDM

to get to know some standard MDM functionalities.



MDM web services – Deployment and Configuration

Special Thanks

I’d like to thank Maxim Pavlenko for his help with this scenario and whole MDM part.

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