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We’ve talked A LOT about issues with the portal activity report in the past. Now there’s a patch to fix many of these.

First, here are links to my blogs that discuss the portal activity report:

There is a new patch that corrects many of the issues with the portal activity that are described in my blogs and in the central note.

There is a version for customers on SAP NetWeaver 2004 SP Stacks 18 to 21, and on SAP NetWeaver 7.0 SP Stacks 10 to 13.

The best way to find out more is by checking out SAP Note 998653 (“Activity Report Central Note”) and 1084379 (“Portal Activity Report — Latest Version”).

Hope this helps some of you out there. I promise not to talk about the portal activity report for a while.

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  1. Former Member

    Is the latest version of the Portal Activity report only compatible with NW2004s SP10 to SP13? We’re running EP7 on NW2004s SP8. Would we be able to use the latest version?


      1. Former Member

        Thanks for the reply.

        If we were to install it on an SP8 system, would SAP support it? Does this have anything that can mess up the system?


        1. Daniel Wroblewski Post author
          Hi Jeff,

          I am not involved either in installation/upgrade nor in the legal department.

          The bottom line is I cannot guarantee it, and I would doubt that SAP would guarantee it. I would check the SAP Note and check with support.


  2. Former Member
    We have just instaled latest version of portal activity report, sap note 1084379, and now we see statistics with 3 hours of diference, por example, at 14:00, we see datas for 11:00

    Download Report
    Portal Activity Report – Number of users who logged on

    Day Date/Time Authenticated Users Anonymous Users
    mié 15. oct 2008 05:00 (GMT) 1 1
    mié 15. oct 2008 06:00 (GMT) 3 1
    mié 15. oct 2008 07:00 (GMT) 3 3
    mié 15. oct 2008 08:00 (GMT) 7 3
    mié 15. oct 2008 09:00 (GMT) 2 1
    mié 15. oct 2008 10:00 (GMT) 4 2
    mié 15. oct 2008 11:00 (GMT) 7 1
    Página 1 / 1

    Just now, the hour is 14:10
    Where can we see-change time?

  3. Former Member
    I have install latest version of portal activity report first in our test EP and all is OK, and now in productive EP but we have a problem no datas are showed for number of users connected.
    1. Hi,
      Please specify what type of Activity Report is in issue and what are the results that you expect to get.
      In the report “Details about the users who logged on” the displayed date is first log on (EVER)
      for this user.

      What is your portal version?

      Victoria Gur
      | Installed Base Development Engineer
      | NetWeaver Portal Platform
      | SAP Labs Israel 

      1. Former Member
        Hello Victoria, our system is EP 7.0 SP17. We have problems with report ‘Number of users who logged on’
        The message is ‘No content available for the specified period’. The period is current day.
        We are reading directly form Data Base every time, and from Friday 14-November to tuesday 18-November, the higest time from table WCR_USERSTAT always is the same time:


        So, we are supposeing thah no datas are recording in table, maybe some service stopped, but all the services I know are all started.
        Thanks for your help.

        1. Former Member
          Hi Victoria, we solved the problem deleting duplicate datas for timestamphour = ‘h’, but we continue with problems for anual datas with monthly period, only datas for January, Febrary and March appears ¿when aggregator insert datas in wcr_userstat table, with ‘m’ aggregationlevel?
          I activated log for all level as say in note 1054145, but a lot of datas are showed. I need to know when activate all lever in logs to see what is happening at ‘m’ aggregation level, if duplicate occurs or it’s another problem.
          Thanks for your help

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