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Creating an iView in your SAP NetWeaver CE 7.1 portal from a portal component

If you want to use portal components built to run with SAP NetWeaver 7.0 in a SAP NetWeaver CE 7.1 portal, there are a couple of things you need to be aware of.

Firstly, you don’t seem to be able to upload PAR files directly. The option under System Administration -> Support -> Support Desk -> Portal Runtime is quite clear:


OK, so we won’t upload the PAR file directly – instead we need to use the PAR Migration Tool, which prompts for a PAR file and converts it into an EAR file.


The EAR file is deployed using the standalone deploy tool – there is no SDM tool with SAP NetWeaver 7.1. This script is executed from a command prompt and you basically give it some connectivity information and the EAR file name.


Under earlier versions of the portal you could create an iView from a portal archive file. Under 7.1 you need to do this slightly(!) differently.

Inside the Portal Content Studio (Content Administration -> Portal Content) you have a new folder structure. The Portal Content folder is still there, but there is also a folder with your portal components,  called Portal Application Repository. Expand this and you will see your portal applications. In this example, I have selected the application CETest and the component Test. I am about to right click and select the Copy option.


You now need to paste this component into the PCD. In this case I will add it to a folder called iViews in the Michael folder. Using “Paste as PCD object” leads to a wizard where I give the iView a name etc…



Treat this iView as did with earlier portals – add it to a page, workset and/or role and assign it to a user.

Please note that these comments relate to SP1. it is possible they will not apply in later releases.

Why am I still using the old NetWeaver Developer Studio? Well, there are a few reasons. First of all, I still want to build portal applications for earlier versions of the portal. Secondly, the new NetWeaver Developer Studio requires JDK 1.5 and there is currently no Portal plugins or perspective.

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  • Hi,

    I couldn’t find EP perspective in NWDS CE7.1. Does that mean that there is no method of deploying PAR file directly in CE7.1 portal from NWDS?


    • My understanding is that the EP perspective might make it into a later CE release.. No promises from anyone, of course, but I for one certainly would like it.


    • Web Dynpro applications are generally not backward compatible, so it doesn’t make sense to try to take Web Dynpro made with 7.1 and deploy it to run on a portal 7.0. You could make an iView on your portal 7.0 that tries to run the Web Dynpro application on a 7.1 CE system.
  • oh what a miraculous metamorphosis – from Webdynpro application to Portal content!

    I would have never cometo the idea to try it like this. But still as long as I find a blog explaining it  i can deal with it.

    thanks a lot,