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XI: search through the payload of a message….without TREX!

I think everyone of XI’ers first or after meet the problem of searching something in a message…throughout some thousands of messages!!!

 SAP release the TREX-indexing functionality…but how to manage this problem without PORTAL or TREX-Engine installed?


Well, this simple abap code could be a good starting point to develop your self-made searching engine; it’s very simple (I need something like this) but useful in many environent I think.

Actually is tested on SAP XI 3.0 patch 14.



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  • Hi Paolo,
    nice work!
    Just one comment on your code: if the integration server uses the table switch deletion mode instead of standard deletion mode your report may fail if the current master table is sxmspmast2.

    To avoid this you can use persist->get_current_table_container to get the current master table.


    lv_master TYPE tabname,
    persist TYPE REF TO cl_xms_persist.

    CREATE OBJECT persist.
    CALL METHOD persist->get_current_table_container
        ex_master = lv_master.


    Best Regards

  • Hi,

    Very nice program. Somehow timezone CET did not work for me, although I live in that time zone so I made time zone an input parameter:
    p_tz TYPE ttzz-tzone OBLIGATORY DEFAULT ‘UTC’

    UTC works fine for me.

    Per Rune

    • Thank you peer for your suggestion!!!
      I won’t change now the blog(no time), but anyone that will read it in the future will take into account your suggestion.
      Kind Regards,
      Paolo Romano
    • Actually not, Mateen…but it’s a good suggestion!!!I will work at it…I’ll let you know when new version will be on!

      Thanks and regards

      • Hi Paolo,
        Did you ever add the archive functionality? Or do you know if there are other ways to search the payload of archived messages without clicking through one by one? This would be a life-saver for monitors and support experts.

        Thanks for the great blog!


  • Hi Paolo,

    nice blog. Would it also be possible to download the payload of the found messages?
    Aand is there anything new about searching for archieved messages?

    Thanks and Regards,