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SAP NetWeaver Strategy Sessions
at SAP TECHED ’07 Las Vegas

The SAP NetWeaver Product Management and Development teams plan to conduct small round table sessions at SAP TechEd ’07 Las Vegas with up to 5 customers in each. You’ll find a list of strategic topics below, with goals and key questions.

If you would be interested in attending one of these sessions please submit a request to participate by clicking on the title of the session below and completing the nomination form.   

Thank you!

If you have questions or need additional clarification, please contact Denim Pennington or Susan Guess.

Topic offerings:

Business Intelligence: Integrated Planning and Corporate Performance Management

Session Goal:
Know where you are, where you are going, and how you plan to get there; In this session we would like to discuss with you your strategy for delivering CPM and Business Intelligence

Key Questions:

  • How many planning functions and technologies do you have?

  • How is planning information from these systems consolidated?

  • What are the challenges you face in doing the consolidation?

  • What are your plans for system and technology rationalization?

  • How can SAP help guide your decisions and implementation roadmap?


Business Intelligence: Reporting and Data Warehouse

Session Goal:
While BI tools have demonstrated their “query and format” capabilities in the past, today’s business intelligence evolves as a mature management concept of using all available intelligence right within a business process context – structured or unstructured, operational or analytic. As business intelligence solidifies, technology boundaries vanish while the business process moves center stage.

Key Questions:

  • How evolved is your company’s business intelligence strategy?

  • What are the key challenges you face dealing with business intelligence in your company?

  • How do you expect SAP to support your business intelligence strategy successfully?

  • Which areas do you expect SAP to focus on when it comes to the agility, simplicity and integration of SAP NetWeaver BI?


Enterprise Search

Session Goal:
Enterprise Search is a key application enabling structured and unstructured information access. To ensure success in an enterprise scenario, search must deeply integrate with business processes.

Key Questions:

  • What scenarios drive your need for enterprise search?

  • What is your strategic vision of how end users can optimally access information within business processes?


Information-Driven Composites, Data Integration and Metadata Management

Session Goal:
Growth and adoption of information-centric composite applications and processes is highly dependant on the ability to efficiently integrate data from disparate sources. This integration is either facilitated or impaired by the associated metadata infrastructure.

Key Questions:

  • How do you address information integration in the context of composite applications and processes?

  • How (if at all) do you address metadata management and interchange in heterogeneous environments

  • What are your views on whether SAP should provide a composition environment that addresses information integration by leveraging existing tools (SAP and 3rd party) and metadata?


SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management

Session Goal:
Master data is widely seen as the backbone of ESA. However, the key to a successful master data management solution is understanding the business needs that require better master data which in turn drives the IT scenarios.

Key Questions:

  • What are your key business drivers for MDM?

  • What is scope of your MDM strategy; for example, does it cover more than one object type (such as product, customer)

  • Do you currently have a central data management strategy/implementation in place?


End User Interaction, Portal and UI Channel

Session Goal:
Explain SAP multi-channel UI strategy and receive feedback from key customers.

Key Questions:

  • What are the primary factors in evaluating and assessing an interface approach? (User type? Application? Business process? Delivery mechanism?)

  • Should companies actively move toward one interface strategy or keep many, according to user type or application?

  • What options are there for Rich Internet Applications (Adobe Flex, Microsoft WPF, AJAX, others)?

  • Are there any ROI analyses around using the various interfaces or mix of interfaces?

  • Do you have a UI strategy and if so discuss the direction of your future UI deployments?


Collaborative Portal

Session Goal:
Search, Collaboration, and Content Management are key applications for today’s information workers. To ensure success in an enterprise scenario, these applications must integrate with business processes. Moreover, flexible and self-service content management and collaboration platforms demand strong governance.

Key Questions:

  • What challenges do you face offering collaborative workspaces to support your business processes?

  • What scenarios drive your need for an enterprise search on business objects?

  • What is your strategic vision of how business users can optimally leverage information within business processes and collaborative practices?


Visual Composer, Model-Driven UI and Mashups

Session Goal:
Visual Composer is steadily becoming a key factor in the development of composite applications and complementary business scenarios on top of ERP and BI. As adoption grows, Visual Composer is stretching beyond IT departments and into the LOBs, enabling developers as well as non programmers to trigger innovation and collaboratively take part in the specification and development process

Key Questions:

  • What role does Visual Composer play in your development processes today?

  • What are the main types of developments you are addressing (BI/Analytics, Forms, Reporting, Transactional) with Visual Composer, and where do you see the main advantages in the future?

  • Aside from developers, which additional roles in the company would take an active part in the development of composite applications and business process innovation with the introduction of UI modeling tools?

  • What are the scenarios where user-driven Mashups can play a part?


Composite Applications: Revolution or Evolution?

Session Goal:
SAP is defining the next generation of modeling and development tools to better support composite applications! Provide input from your organization directly to SAP Development and Product Management.

Key Questions:

  • How would you like to build or compose applications for supporting business change?

  • Which metadata needs to be aligned for assembling composite applications out of reusable parts?

  • What are the main barriers that developers face when using SAP application development tools today?


Building End-to-End Solutions Utilizing eSOA

Session Goal:
In today’s fast-paced world, the key challenge facing IT departments is to automate complex business processes at an ever increasing pace so that your business remains on the cutting edge. A Service Oriented Architecture provides the flexibility and fast turnaround that such a world demands.

Key Questions:

  • What type of application scenarios are you trying to build today?

  • Are you considering using composites for these scenarios?

  • What do you expect from SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment?

  • Where would you not use SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment? What would be your alternatives?

  • How do Composite Applications fit into your IT landscapes (e.g. packaged SAP Applications vs. non-SAP vs. custom built)?

  • Has your IT dept already considered governance issues, and if so, do you have any plans around implementing policies for:

    • IT compliance

    • Security

    • Establishing and enforcing SOA development and runtime processes policies and procedures

    • Publishing Guidelines for web services

    • Interoperability Standards


Lifecycle Management and Solution Landscapes

Session Goal:
Implementing flexible business processes often requires setting up landscapes of multiple interacting SAP NetWeaver-based systems. Technical landscape implementations need to be aligned with business goals to deliver and sustain competitive advantage.

Software and Solution Lifecycle Management is a key pre-requisite for adopting IT landscapes and installed SAP solutions to address new business needs. Lifecycle management encompasses the processes of implementation, operation, change management as well as problem analysis and resolution in the case of errors and exceptions.

Key Questions:

  • What are the main approaches you use to implement, run and change SAP solutions? (on-premise, shared service centers, BPO)

  • What are the needs for solution landscapes and software delivery models in order to support your business and IT strategy?

  •  Regarding your landscape layout: What do you want to have centrally managed versus what do you need to distribute?

  • What are your 3 main challenges in designing and managing SAP NetWeaver-based solution landscapes?

  • What are the main pain points and issues with implementation /operation and maintenance of SAP software?


Security and Identity Management

Session Goal:
Ensuring comprehensive control over access to its business applications and data is a fundamental requirement of any organization. In order to do this in a most efficient, secure and cost effective way, security and identity management functionality of SAP NetWeaver needs to be integrated into the overall security infrastructure of an organization.

Key Questions:

  • What are the biggest challenges regarding the integration of the SAP NetWeaver security and identity management functionality into your overall Security Infrastructure?

  • Which role does SAP NetWeaver play within your security infrastructure and which role would you like it to assume?

  • How does the change in architecture in the future (e.g. SOA) affect your security and identity management strategy?

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    1. Former Member
      They are intended for customers that have an interest in the topic and want to interact with SAP NetWeaver Product Management and Development to discuss various strategic alternatives. There may be more sessions based on demand and interest, but are intended to remain 5 (customers) to a session. They are not intended for “listen mode only”. If you are interested in attending and are an SAP customer, please feel free to submit your name and we will do our best to accomodate.

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