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As in Las Vegas, the Munich Bird of a Feather session suggestions are looking really interesting. I hope to participate in many of them. Realistically though I am organizing the event and there is always something that needs my attention for the whole thing to be smooth.  

Co-Innovation on SDN and BPX. Status and further development.         
Host: Mark Finnern   

I hope that I can convince some more people to host this session with me, so that the particpants get a broader understanding about the theme. Would also like to hear from partners and customers that are working with SAP what you do and how it could be improved.

2 Boost your development productivity. NWDS enhancements and more…
Host: Oliver Kohl

Who doesn’t want to improve his or her productivity? Great topic for a BoF.

3 SDN Development Community for strategic SAP NetWeaver capabilities    
Host: Frank Stienhans   

As this session is also going in the direction of Co-Innovation, we may merge it with session number one.  

4 Integration Tests in ABAP Development: Testtools and Testtool Design
More information can be found here.
Host: Tobias Trapp
That is the way to do it, post your details on a blog. Can’t wait to meet Tobias in person.

5 Building Composite Applications with SAP NetWeaver 7.0 Foundation
This session introduces a concept of developing composite applications on the Java stack of SAP NetWeaver 7.0 based on standard J2EE features and proprietary SAP features of NetWeaver. More information available here.
Host: Matthias Steiner
Thanks Matthias for creating a blog with details of your session.      

6 Implementing cool technology – what is the business case? Discussion on how to do cool stuff while delivering business value.
Host: Darren Hague

I have a story or two to tell about how I was able to sneek in blogs into the first release of SDN over 4 years ago, the point system about half a year later, it was a fight with wiki. It helps to have understanding managers that give you room to do crzay stuff, it also helps that the things that you deliver really create measurable value. 

SDN Day and now Community Day are also my brainchild, for a community to really come alive the acitve ones have to see each other face to face at least once a year. Last year was amazing and a lot of people when they heard about it afterwards where bummed that they didn’t participate because they didn’t know about it.

This is why I am surprised, that so far especially for Munich not more people have signed up for Community Day. Please spread the word. I don’t want to hear at TechEd again:”Man I am bummed, I totally missed that one. Heard it was really great. Just didn’t know about the Community Day.” 

7 From NW04 to NW CE – how Web Dynpro Java and portal come togehter to provide one consitent UI stack.   
8 Running Web Dynpro Java apps in a heterogenous portal system landscape   
Host: Jochen Guertler

Depending on how many sessions and spaces we have we may merge 7 and 8. I like that Web Dynpro Java sessions well be happening in Munich.      

9 Creating applications that are aligned to the business using the Enterprise SOA Adoption Program – The Dummies Guide
Host: Owen Pettiford

Sweet, this is where it is going and to get it layed out in Dummy Guide format will make the way how to get there so much clearer. 

11 How to keep your/your development team’s technical skills up to date (open discussion on approaches not a technical presentation).        
Host: Thomas Jung

Thomas is offering the same in Las Vegas, the interesting thing is, that many more people have signed up for it already in Munich versus Las Vegas. I am convinced that there will be a great discussion. Just to hear what Thomas does to be so prolific is worth attending this session, but then to hear the tricks of the other Top Contributors in the room will make this session amazing. Exactly the right theme for a BoF. 

12 Blue Ruby
Developing Ruby and Ruby on Rails programs running on the NetWeaver ABAP runtime.
Host: Rainer Brendle    

Ruby and Ruby on Rails is hot. To do it on the NetWeaver ABAP runtime is beyond cool. Check it out.

13 Visual Composer – You think you know….        
Host: Dafna Yanay

Visual Composer stuff is always interesting. I asked Dafna to be more specific.  

14 Detroubulator version 1.1 release: New features in the open source unit test tool for SAP XI mapping programs
Host: Morten Wittrock
Last year in Amsterdam Morten unvailed Detroubulator. Time to get to know what is cooking with the new release. 

15 Adobe AIR – Deploying rich internet applications on the desktop – Discuss opportunities and challenges of rich clients in enterprise environments
Host: Matthias Zeller

16 Exploratory testing or ways to improve your manual testing skills… 
Host: Thomas Ritter    
He did an excellent BoF at the Mastering SAP Technology event in Melbourne. He has an excellent SDN Community Day in Melbourne as well as some useful tips if you have never attended or hosted one. I am happy that he can join us in Munich. Looks like he is back from his Sydney stunt. 

17 Interactive Forms by Adobe – Fonts – selection and mapping for Interactive and print PDF  
18 SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe – Printing with paper selection, single sided, double sided and complex scenarios
Host: Les Woolsey/Rob Mennen/Juergen Hauser    

We may put these two sessions together, depending on how many slots are available. We like to have space for spontanious sessions coming out of the speed networking too.  

19 Activity Data Collector: New capabilities for activity reporting
20 Preview of iPart development model for Collaboration Portal   
21 Navigation Zoom 
22 Portal Spider 
Host:   Daniel Wroblewski
Daniel has offered 4 different sessions. We will get them either down to 2 max and or we will give him slots in the TechEd Clubhouse later that week. 

23 Advanced out-of-the-box features in web reporting to build highly-customized xApp Analytics in SAP Netweaver BI and EP 7.0 : smooth integration between Visual Composer, Bex Web Analyzer and Web Application Designer (including Web APIs, ABAP Objects, Javascript functions, function modules exposed as web services, triggering events between Visual Composer and WAD, agility with reusable components and so on …….) – with code samples, tips and tricks, optimization.  
Host: Laurence Morel      

I was wondering where sessions around BI are and Laurence doesn’t disappoint. Interesting.  

24 SAP meets WordPress – taking a look at how SAP might integrate with the popular blogging / CMS software.    
Host: Nigel James    

That is something that we from Community Network can learn a bundle too. We would like to update our blogging and may be WordPress is the way to go. 

25 Developing engaging user interfaces and rich internet applications with Adobe Flex
This is a 2 hour hands-on workshop (bring your laptop) – We will discuss the fundamentals of Flex and Flash and how Flex applications can integrate with SAP. Developers and consultants will share with you how they use Flex in SAP projects. If you do not have Flex Builder yet, we will install a trial version on your laptop and implement a small sample project.
Host: Matthias Zeller

Hugely popular last year and I am really happy that Adbobe is one of the event sponsors. It is a really great symbiotic win win relationship.

26 Twitter meets NetWeaver
Host: Craig Cmehil

In Munich I think we have room for this one. It is always great to see what tricks Craig comes up with.


Overall an excellent lineup indeed, but even more than these sessions I am looking forward to reconnect with old buddies from the years before and to get to know others from our great community, learn something and have fun doing it. Can you ask for more? I don’t think so. See you all there.  

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