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This blog helps one to preview SRM MDM Catalog 2.0 in an environment without SAP SRM and SAP EP.

Find the SRM MDM Catalog 2.0 launch blog by David Marchand, which made me create this blog.

SRM and MDM Episode #1: SRM-MDM Catalog v2.0 is generally available!


SRM MDM Catalog 2.0 SP01

SAP MDM Server Version sp5 (



MDM Java API ( and SRM MDM Catalog Webdynpro UI ( in the SAP WAS.

Unarchive the SRMMDMCAT20_SP00_0.a2a in MDM Console

SRM MDM Catalog repository and Roles:


Dump in some Test data in the repository.

Catalog UI Configuration:

The Webdynpro configuration url is




Login with any user of UIConfiguration role (Master)

The following UI Configuration screen appears.

Select the shopping cart preview for Admin user and edit other configurations if required.

Don’t select the shopping cart option as we are not integrating with SRM Server.



Select the Fields that should appear in the Catalog.

The Item List section lists the entire records in a table format.

Shopping cart preview section will display all the records added to the shopping cart.

Item Details section displays the selected record only.



The Customized search helps to drill down search based on the field selected in the Advanced Search Fields.


SRM MDM Catalog Preview:

Use the following URL to preview SRM MDM Catalog.


Along with the regular SRM MDM url the following parameters need to be assigned.

1. mask (If any mask need to be applied – optional)

2. namedsearch (If any named search need to be applied – optional)

3. username (User with catalog user Role and configured by the Master user in the configuration UI)

4. password (Password of the Catalog user)

5. catalog (Repository Name)

6. Server (Server hostname)

7. datalanguage (EN in this case)

The Catalog will look like the one below.


Shopping list:

Using Shopping list a catalog user can store his favorite items from the entire list

Select few records in the List view and Click Add to shopping list

The following popup appears and a new shopping list can be created.

There are options to share the shopping list too.



There is a shopping list tab in the catalog which displays the Items in the shopping list.


Shopping list concept:

The shopping list gets stored as Masks in the repository.

Whenever any item is added to the shopping list from catalog the specific records get added to the mask.


Shopping Cart preview:

Items and their quantity can be specified and added to the shopping cart.

The shopping cart preview is as below.


Item Details Pane:

Form the list view the Item Details of any the specific record can be selected.



If catalog exploring (Display only) was assigned the catalog appears like this.


Trouble shooting:

For the following reasons a login error might arise while logging in through the http://localhost:50100/SRM-MDM/SRM_MDM

1. The User is not assigned with UI Configuration Manger Role (Only the user Master has this role in default).

2. The Web Application server version is not 7.0 (WAS 7.0) (The catalog Webdynpro content has few methods which won’t run in a WAS6.40 server)

3. The SRM MDM Catalog and the SAP MDM Versions does not match

Go through the SAP Notes (1082069 and 1083126) for Version mapping of SAP MDM and SRM-MDM

The following table is the version mapping of SRM MDM and SAP MDM


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  1. Former Member
    Great work!!
    I have a question regardng “Item Details Pane”. According to the print screen you have tabs like “related items” and so on. How do you get those tab displayed?

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