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Just a short time ago, Craig announced the introduction to SDN TV – the next evolution! This new version uses as the tool to produce and share video blogs and other multimedia content. It is easy to view the content for SDN or BPX directly on Kyte or directly here on the SAP Network via the SDN TV page.

So with such an easy way to produce and host content, it seemed that I no longer had any excuse not to work on something that I had in mind for a while.  I’ve wanted to do some sort of regular podcast or video blog around ABAP for some time.  Now seems like the perfect time.  So this past weekend I posted the first episode of the ABAP Freak Show.

The idea is to produce a regularly scheduled show (hopefully weekly) where we just discuss anything ABAP.  In the first episode I give a little introduction to what ABAP is. I then pick one of the questions that I received during the week and share the answer.  This week I talked about Change Objects. Just about any ABAP related topic is fair game.

Although I didn’t use it in the first episode, I like the idea that we can mix screen captures (although low resolution) in with the episode.  I promise to use this in the next episode as we take a sneak peak at some of the cool ABAP content that we are going to be showing at the SDN Community Day in TechEd Las Vegas and Munich.

Since I’m going for a regular show schedule, I going to try to create and post the each episode on the weekends. You can always subscribe to the SDN Channel RSS Feed if you want to know when new episodes are available.  I will also “announce” new episodes on Twitter.

Now is the part where I need your help. I want to know what everyone would like to see on future episodes.  Let me know what topics or questions you would like to see. Also if you are interested in hosting an episode of the show yourself, that can be easily arranged. 

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  1. Former Member

    I already watch the first episode…Really good! Looking forward for more episodes -;)

    Can you elaborate something on Regular Expressions?



    1. Thomas Jung Post author
      Actually the Alienware is a little behind my laptop.  The Alienware has ABAP 7.0 SP 11 and Java 7.0 SP11 (with ADS) and MDM 5.5 SP4 – but on RAID 0 with 3 Gigs of Memory so it runs pretty nice.  The Alienware does have dual-boot, so after work it returns to being a nice gaming machine.

      On my laptop I have ABAP 7.0 SP12, Java CE SP3, and MDM 5.5 SP5 Patch 2.  I guess it is time for a Patch Party.

  2. Lundi Vox
    I can’t wait until I get home and I have off the corporate network so I can view some of these blogs.  I have been working with ABAP for about 8-10 months now (only seriously for the last 5 months) and it is just now “getting into my blood”. 
    1. Thomas Jung Post author
      Interesting… I wonder if there are any open slots left for community day.  We could do a session on how to produce a video for SDN TV.  We could talk about some of the common tools, best encoding settings, tips and tricks, etc.
  3. Thomas Jung Post author
    Episode 2 is now available.  We look at Microsoft Silverlight from BSP, the ABAP Bitmap Library, and pictures from TechEd 2003 Las Vegas.

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