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The widget I described in Part User Simplification and Enterprise Widgets for Defense & User Simplification and Enterprise Widgets for Defense – Part II of this series to monitor the status of equipments is now available for download and You can take it out for a test drive. Here are some brief instructions to get you started.


1. Get and install the Yahoo Widget engine if you have not already done so – 


2. Get and install the SAP Widget Foundation from the SDN Widget download area or from here directly 

2.1 Once installed and running, right click on it’s icon in the tray and click on “Configuration” 

2.2  Click on “Authentication Agent” in the tree structure followed by clicking on “Add Instance” of a “Username/Password”. Fill in the required information – instance name followed by the user name and password pair. Make certain that your user has the right authorization profile to execute RFC calls as well as display the user status of equipments 

2.3. Expand “Service Provider” in the tree structure on the left and select “SAP JCO” and on the right, provide the server information to the backend ERP system that will be used to get the equipment status. Make certain you choose the “Authentication Agent” you just created in the previous step. 

3. Get and install the equipment status widget SDN Widget download area or from here  or directly from here to your “My Documents” > “My Widgets” folder 

4. Load the widget in the Yahoo Widget Engine. 

5. You can configure a few things by right-clicking on the widget itself – if you prefer to display the user or the system status and the number of hits in the search to display.

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  1. Hi,
    I am trying to make a wrapper for generic monitoring. Your widget seems to be a great start.
    But not being a JS programmer, I can not figure out how to make the buttons work. And as it is my first experince in widgets, how would you debug this part?
    Tony (

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