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In  most situations, the extraction in BI failed due to invalid value for InfoObject. For example, I failed to load 0MATERIAL_ATTR because some of the material number is like “[2Q235-A100060D” ( note the ‘[‘ character) while ‘[‘ is defaultly an invalid character for BI.

Check OSS note #173241 – “Allowed characters in the BW System” ( same as following pic)

If the material number can not have any change on business demand, then we have to include it as permitted characters in BI.

Input ‘[‘ and execute the program. This will add ‘[‘ to the allowed characters list.

Many documents has mentioned parameter ‘ALL_CAPITAL’. It is powerful but also a little bit dangerous I think.So here I added only the must-have one.

After this, the extraction should work properly.

Since I was loading 0MATERIAL, you can figure that this is a brand new BI system. (If your BI system has runed for sometime already, please ignore this step) So step1 is not enough. Now we encountered another error:
If we open the cube which has 0MATERIAL to check the cube content ( or open InfoObject 0MATERIAL) the following error message occured.

Run TCODE OMSL (or SPRO > IMG button > BW > General settings > Set Material Number Display) both in R/3 and BI because we need to ensure the settings in BI is the samel to that in R/3.

Hope the above could help you out on the invalid character issue.

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