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You have seen some information about the SDN Subscriptions program and it is time to share a bit more and update you regarding its status.


This week, we are starting to invite select individuals to purchase the “SAP NetWeaver, Development Subscription” package.

Why only select individuals? We simply want to make sure we are ready for the masses. This is the first volume business program we release and as it touches so many parts of the SAP back-end systems (we have quite a few of those…) and processes (and also a few of these…) we needed to make sure we are fully prepared. Think of it as our ramp-up program.


A new business process

We started thinking about the concept a while back and as SDN Insider: SDN Subscription Program will be launched soon mentioned, we asked top contributors, partners and customers to share their needs and thoughts with us.

Then, we became business process experts and defined a whole new business process for SAP that would allow for such volume business to integrate into our existing processes. SAP traditionally does business with legal entities (customers, partners,,,), so adding a consumer entity (individuals) into our processes impacted almost every area: tax, legal, IP, finance, security, support, product, licensing, logistics, etc. not to mention our back-end systems.

The internal support we received throughout this process was phenomenal and what started as a crazy idea by the community guys slowly penetrated into the mainstream and was announced last year at SAP TechEd Amsterdam.


Going global – soon…

The reason I’m sharing all this with you is to explain why some of you are going to be a little bit disappointed… Currently, we only roll out the program in US and Germany. Because of different legal, tax and other local codes, adding countries would be an ongoing process. It would be based on market demand (you asking us to expand to your country), localizing contracts, adopting local codes, and ensuring alignment with local SAP country organizations.


Sign-up to influence and reserve your seat

This is why we created and promoted the registration form.

This form will help us to figure out country expansion priorities as well as give the registrants in US and Germany the first shot at purchasing a subscription. We have a target range of subscriptions we plan for this year and we want to make sure people who register will get to purchase their subscription this year.


You can read more information and community feedback in blogs by my colleagues: SDN Subscription program – The motivation behind and The specified item was not found..


We are all excited about this opportunity to open up community access to the SAP NetWeaver platform and hope you find it useful.


The countdown continues…

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  1. Former Member
    Ok…At least I’m going to have more time to save some money for my package -;)

    I agree with you, because a thing like this must be start with some “beta-testers” until it’s released to whole market -:)



  2. Former Member
    Why am I not surprised. 

    Wonder how long those of us in the ‘other counties’ will have to wait. Luckily I plan on moving to the US or Canada within the next 18 months.

    It just sucks to anticipate having the software soon only to hear you are not living in a country being supported.

    But then,  living in South Africa sucks by default if you are technically inclined – no matter what you try to obtain.

  3. Former Member
    The ramp-up idea is great at least it lessens the errors and bugs. I hope to get the most out of my money… but I really hope those who are not living in the “privilege” countries will have a copy really soon 🙂

    I am really excited on this subscription thing I just hope when its available the hype is still there 🙂

    Although I agree with Blag, more time to save hehehe

  4. Amir Blich Post author
    I’m glad you all understand and agree we need this ramp-up period. It actually looks pretty good and we have already processed live orders.
    A little more oil and fine tuning…

    Country expansion would take time, but we do intend to push for it and cover as much as we can.


  5. Former Member

    has the subscription started? I have not heard anything back, I am living in Germany and Germany is in the list of ramp-up countries.

    Any news?



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