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I must confess this is a very small tip but it really helps me out.

Usually we get links provided by SDN members in our posts.Unfortunately many of them are only single pages concerning one topic.Like this:

It’s a BI datasource help page.In most cases this is not enough, we also need to view same  functional datasources or the upper level objects related to this datasource, which means a defaultly help framseset page is important and quite useful.

Now here is the way: just simply replace the “content.htm” to “frameset.htm” of the URL and reinput it to the browser like this:


The lovely menu appears…Great! 

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  1. Bhanu Gupta
    To the right of the title line on the page (Cost Centers: Actual Costs – Line Items (Delta) from the link provided by Aaron), you will see a little icon with 2 opposite facing red arrows. Click that and that will open up the left frame and help you locate this page in the SAP library structure.

    Hope this helps…

      1. Former Member
        Hi Aaron…

        but your case will not work in all senario.

        try to change this link.

        …this is because if you are only finding the opposite facing red arrows on ‘content.htm’ only then the change to ‘frameset.htm’ will work otherwise not… because the frame set from this page is here…

        some charcs.. changed.

        keep on finding new things & happy bloging 🙂


        1. Former Member Post author
          Hi Sunil,

            Is this page somewhat special? I mean even opening your later URL won’t give the exact frameset page of  “OLAP Query API (BW-BEX-UDI)”. Or we can say no good method to find the full framse of that page yet?


          1. Former Member
            Hi Aaron,

            If you find a ‘content’ page with the double headed arrows(Locate the document in SAP library structure) then only you can change the content into frameset and it will take you to the main SAP library structre will display.
            ( think to click on that icon!!)
            and in the above case you can find the frameset page ..just click on “OLAP Metadata API” on the  page below….
            Since it not possible to change the main page URL name ( Double headed arrows are not there)…a refresh can take you back to the main page agian…



  2. Former Member Post author

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