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How to use the test environment of the MDM Enrichment Controller

The MDM Enrichment Controller makes use of 3rd party or custom developed adapters to integrate information from external services into an MDM master data repository. Through the administrative user interface of the controller, it is possible to test such adapters and their connectivity to the external service. This offers the advantage to

    • Test the adapter during development including and its communication with the controller and the external service without the actual need of having the complete MDM stack installed on the developer’s workplace

    • Manually test the availability of the external service in production without touching live data in the MDM repository

Besides this test environment, SAP additionally delivers a simulation environment that consists of

0.1. An MDM repository containing example workflows and prepared configuration settings

0.2. Sample adapters for testing and education

0.3. Source code of the adapter implementations

0.4. XML documents and schemas

0.5. MDM import and syndication maps

You can use the simulation environment to study the complete request and response cycle form end to end, including the call to a Web service. Since the source code of the adapters is also included, you can use it for education or as a starting point for your own adapter development.

The remainder of this blog briefly explains how to setup the simulation environment and use the test environment with the contained adapters. It is assumed, that you already have deployed the MDM Enrichment Controller on the application server.

The complete procedure is described in the documentation on the SAP Help Portal at  (

-> MDM Enrichment Architecture 

-> Configuring the MDM Enrichment Architecture

-> Setting up an Enrichment Simulation Environment.

Since the sample adapters and the respective Web service are deployed together with the MDM Enrichment Controller, there are basically only two things to do in order to use them in the test environment:

0.1. Using the J2EE Visual Administrator, configure the Web service destination to point to the server where the MDM test Web service was deployed. This is typically the local server or “localhost”.

<MDM_EnrichmentControllerConfiguration xmlns:xsi=”

” xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation=”MDM_EnrichmentControllerConfiguration.xsd”>        <EnrichmentAdapter vendorName=”” applicationName=”tcmdmenrichmentsimulatoradapter” ejbName=”SimulatorAdapterBean” timeOut_sec=”900″/>     <EnrichmentAdapter vendorName=”” applicationName=”tcmdmenrichmentsimulatoradapter” ejbName=”SimulatorAdapterBean” timeOut_sec=”900″/>Now you are ready to access the test environment via the admin UI of the MDM Enrichment Controller. See my other blog  () on the MDM Enrichment Controller Admin UI on how to open this.

!|height=245|alt=MDM Enrichment Controller Admin UI|width=453|src=|border=0!</body>

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      That was a very useful blog! I'm trying to configure an adapter that was working with SP04.
      I observe a peculiar behaviour while using this "Test Enrichment Provider System". When i test it by entering the adapter name, its corresponding service port and a sample outbound file, I get the following error:

      Service call exception; nested exception is: Invalid Response Code: (401) Unauthorized. The requested URL was:""

      Now comes the surprise, this error does not happen always, at times i could very well see the download file link and the appropriate inbound file!!
      I have configured the settings as per the help link and your blog. What is it that i'm missing?

      For your information, in 0the monitoring systems tab, I see a green falg except for the 
      Monitoring->MDM Enrichment Controller->Controller->Adapters->Adapter Bean Name->Services->Port Name

      In the right pane there is an error message stating Availability Value->No

      Has this got anything to do with the error?

      I'm on SP05 Patch 2.


      Author's profile photo Andreas Seifried
      Andreas Seifried
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Swarna,

      since SP05 there are two additional methods in the adapter interface. They are used for monitoring and provide the availability information you mention above. I assume that you did not yet implement these two methods as you developed your adapter with SP04.

      The "unauthorized" error that you get, comes certainly form the web serve that you are calling and not from the enrichment controller.

      Kind regards,