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We’ve launched the new CPM Forum on SDN!!!

Hey BPX and SDN Folks!

We’ve launched the new CPM Forum for any questions the community may have for the new SAP CPM Suite! This includes SAP BPC (formerly Outlooksoft), SAP SSM (formerly Pilot), and Acorn (SAP’s reseller agreement).

Additionally, people have been asking about some roadmap and detailed questions around what to post where. Therefore, to get the most visibility to your questions with the right groups at SAP, I would post questions to the following forums:

SAP Solution -> ERP Financials Forum
SAP ERP Financials

Use this forum for the following product lines:

  • SAP Financial Components

Business Process Expert – Corporate Performance Management Forum – New SAP CPM components

NEW! – Enterprise Performance Management (SAP EPM)

Use this forum for the following products:

  • SAP BPC (Outlooksoft)
  • SAP SSM (Pilot)
  • SAP BPM (Acorn)
  • SEM Miscellaneous
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Management Cockpit
  • Value Driver Trees
  • Roadmap, Etc…

SAP Solutions – SEM-BCS Forum – The SEM-BCS product line 

  • NEW! – Business Consolidation (SEM-BCS)


    I’ve recently started working with these topics, and I plan on encouraging our developers from the Outlooksoft and Pilot acquisitions to actively monitor this forum. This product line and the expertise around these products are currently different from the SAP NetWeaver Business Planning and ERP Financials forums, so we wanted to make sure we can address these questions directly and share knowledge in this area. These companies had their own customer bases as well which can contribute to the wealth of knowledge on these software components and share their experience with SAP customers. Additionally, the old SEM-CPM (Balanced Scorecard/Management Cockpit) really never had a home on SDN, so I’d like to have those questions posted here as they are going to be tightly related to the roadmap questions between these SEM-CPM products and the newer SAP Strategy Management products.

    Due to feedback from SDN community members about SEM-BCS not having a specific home a new forum has been created for BCS as well.

    Lately, there has has been a lot of emails coming to my and my colleagues inbox around these new CPM topics, so therefore I thought a forum for this would be great.

    Business Intelligence – Business Planning Forum
    Business Planning

    Use this forum for the following products:

    • BI-IP
    • BW-BPS
    • SEM-BPS

    These topics refer to our current planning implementations of BI-IP and BPS. Any technical implementation questions about these topics should go in this forum as the experts in this area will be checking this forum.

    I look forward to working with the SDN community. If you post to the forum, I use this as feedback for what we should put into the product, so if you have any comments or feedback, please post it on the new CPM forum!

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      • Yes. I’ve moved from the NetWeaver RIG focusing on BI Frontend Topics to being a Product Manager in CPM. Currently I’m working on porting SAP BPC (Outlooksoft) to the SAP NetWeaver platform. After this, my responsibilities will include being a functional architect for CPM – what functionality should we focus on. I’ll still be working closely with my colleagues in NetWeaver though.
          • Yes, I’m delivering the BI FE sessions at Teched. I’ve just recently moved to CPM so one of my last duties to the NetWeaver RIG is Teched BI Sessions. I’m doing this with the new BI Frontend expert in the RIG: Rohit Kamath.

            So you going to come to these sessions? They should be pretty good. I’ve got lots of interesting exercises planned…

            • I believe these sessions are good. It is just that with a limit of 2 hands-on sessions, I needed to make a priority call and plan to join you and Rohit only at “Latest Innovations from Multidimensional Analyses to Highly Formatted Reports and Dashboards”. Will see if there are free places for “Latest Innovations Regarding SAP Business Explorer Analyzer for Microsoft Excel Integration” before session.

              See you in Las Vegas then, and have a good weekend for now!


            • Well. As I mentioned I planned to join “Latest Innovations from Multidimensional Analyses to Highly Formatted Reports and Dashboards”. But today is the first day to sign for hands-on sessions; I just returned from the customer site and opened TechEd registration webpage and what do I see – this session is already fully booked!! Do you plan any extra session? “by popular demand”?


            • Hey Vitaly,

              Unfortunately, all of us that are doing this session are extremely booked for Teched and we won’t be able to schedule another one. Usually, if you get there early and get on the waiting list, you can get in…