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Introducing the MDM Enrichment Controller Admin UI

With the MDM Enrichment Architecture master data can be enhanced in several ways through the integration of external business information providers or generic data services.

A core component of this architecture is the MDM Enrichment Controller. This Java based application orchestrates the data flow between the MDM repository where the master data resides and the enrichment adapters that interface to the external data service.

Further information on how to install and configure the MDM Enrichment Architecture is available in the MDM installation guide from the MDM documentation center on SAP Service marketplace ( and via the SAP Help Portal ( -> MDM Enrichment Architecture).

The MDM Enrichment Controller provides a web-based user interface (Web Dynpro) for administration and monitoring. After installation, this UI is accessible through: http://localhost:50000/webdynpro/dispatcher/

MDM Enrichment Controller - Log in

Initially, you need to log on with a username that was assigned the J2EE role MDM EC Administrator.

After that you can select out of several activities.
(Note that the action Configure EC is not yet available and therefore the respective link is disabled. All configuration settings are still done through a configuration file.)

MDM Enrichment Controller - Admin UI


  • Monitor System
    Provides a quick and effective way to see the status of the controller, including the connections to MDM repositories and the configured adapters. In case of problems troubleshooting tips are provided to resolve the error.
  • Test Enrichment Provider System
    A test environment for enrichment adapters that lets you submit an XML request and examine the XML response of an adapter just as it would happen at run time. This is done without an actual connection to any MDM repository as only the communication between the MDM Enrichment controller and the selected adapter is tested. As a consequence, the test environment can even be used without an installed MDM server.
  • Restart EC Activities
    Performs a re-initialization of the MDM Enrichment Controller, for example to immediately activate changes done to the configuration file.
  • Update Schema
    As the MDM Enrichment Controller stores status information about the processing of enrichment requests in the MDM repository, a dedicated table and fields are required. Via this link you can automatically add these to the repository schema.

You can also quickly navigate to the respective documentation on the SAP Help Portal via the tab Documentation.” width=”235″/> 
If you are interested in more details about the MDM Enrichment Architecture: I will speak at SAP TechEd in Munich. You can attend there my session MDM350, which explains in detail how to develop and integrate an enrichment adapter.


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