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We met the authors in Second Life

Last night we met with Thomas Jung and Rich Heilman LIVE in Second Life at the SAP Community Office. It turned out to be a great event, a steady group of 15 people were there and hanging around.

We survived and had a great chat and Tom and Rich were fantastic talking about the book and their experiences. We didn’t record it, perhaps next time.

Jeff Barr, was there as well did a write up as well.


One thing that impressed me about SAP is the degree to which their site and the chat itself referenced their developer community. This should bode well for their Second Life presence, since person-to-person connections and community development are probably the true “killer app” of Second Life.


A brilliant summary of our plans I think, and this was also seen “happening” after the conversation – I mean normally after a teleconference people hang up and leave afterwards and instead here you can see everyone stayed around and continued to chat and network afterwards!

For those interested in the technincal side of things we used the “voice chat” inside of Second Life and had a wonderful experience and great quality so be sure when you join us you have speakers and a mic.

Next event is this coming Friday the 31st at 12:00 PDT (9:00 PM Germany) we are having a “social” event featuring the “Art of Eshi Otawara” be sure to join us as well then! Nightclub visit to follow…

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