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A RIA Forum on SDN ?

RIA What ???

RIA stands for Rich Internet Applications. Wikipedia defines Rich Internet applications thus :


  • Rich Internet Applications (RIA) are a cross between web applications and traditional desktop applications, transferring some of the processing to the client end.

Source :

Search the Web and you’ll get more resources on RIA.

 Why Am I blogging about RIAs ?

It all started when my good friend Blag posted a thread asking whether it will be a good idea to have a Flex/Air Forum on SDN , here : Would you like to have a Flex forum?

Athavan Raja, Matt Zeller, Quentin Dubois, Bhanu Gupta, Ed Herrmann, Mrinal Wadhwa, your’s truly and a lot of others  joined hands in support but we are just a few among all of you.

So we need your support. We need more people to speak up and if you want a RIA forum we can see it through 🙂

What do you have to do ?

If you think we need a RIA forum on SDN, comment on this Blog post or this Thread here  Would you like to have a Flex forum?  and voice your opinion. If we are pretty large in numbers may be the SDN Gods will finally relent 🙂

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