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Make a JavaFX application calling a BAPI, using your SAP NetWeaver 7.1 Composition Environment

Try this five minutes tutorial and run your first JavaFX application calling a BAPI

1. Install JavaFX Eclipse plugin in your Developer Studio 7.1 .

2. Make the JavaFX HelloWorld tutorial

JavaFX BAPI Call Tutorial:
1. Reference JCO library
Click right button over helloworld proyect at Package Explorer, Properties, Java Build Path, Libraries, Add External JARs, search sapjco.jar in your Developer Studio plugins folder ( something like “C:\Program Files\SAP\IDE\IDE71\eclipse\plugins\\lib” )

2. Create a Java class with Backend Call
Click Right button over helloworld proyect at Package Explorer, New, Class, name: BAPICall, put this class code and change attributes to connect to your SAP system:

3. Create JavaFX main file
Create BAPICall.fx JavaFX file ( like in new JavaFX file creation in Helloworld tutorial ), put this code:

4. Set JavaFX class to run.
In main menu: Run, Run…, JavaFX application, HelloWorld JavaFX, Arguments, Program arguments, change “HelloWorld” to “BAPICall”, Apply and RUN!!!

5. Runtime:
You are going to call to BAPI_FLIGHT_GETLIST with an AirlineID filter.


JavaFX Reference

SAP JCo Client Programming Reference

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