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UPDATED: Starting in 30 mins that’s 11:30 PM CET (Germany) or 5:30 PM EST (New York) or 2:30 PM PDT (Los Angles)

 Don’t miss it, come join me while I have a chat with Thomas Jung and Rich Heilman LIVE in Second Life at the SAP Community Office.

While there you can get your free “virtual” copy of the book with all the needed information to get your hands on the “real deal” including a link straight to purchasing!

Most importantly though you’ll have the chance to ask the experts themselves questions!

Soem have your questions ready and log in soon, the SIM can easily support 60 folks but who knows how many more after that 😉

For those of you inside of corporate firewalls (including SAP) you might have trouble logging in so I suggest you check before hand and also be sure you have your speakers ready and your client is “voice enabled” – be sure to download the newest client if you haven’t downloaded lately. 

The easiest way to get to the office is to log into SL then come back and click this link here, or send an Instant Message to “Craigster Hax” and I’ll do my best to get you teleported over!

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  1. Former Member
    Hi Craig:

    I hope I can make it…My Internet connection is doing bad these days -:(

    BTW…I already bought Thomas and Rich book -:D (Expecting to recieve it in a couple of weerks)…Gonna bought yours next month -:P (Don’t think that I forgot my promise)…



  2. Marilyn Pratt
    Bet you’ll find a way of having a book signing as well.  The space looks great.  What a wonderful way to “meet the authors”.  Thanks for the invite.  The 5:30PM EST means after work hours so sneaking off to SAP&Noble should be no problem.

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