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Finance owned and managed SAP CPM – Part I

Finance owned and managed SAP CPM – Part I


Business changes rapidly and the systems are not able to cope with the business change. Also in many organizations people change and the new business users wants different reporting, different analysis , and different insights into planning. So the software needs to be flexible enough to easily model these changes.  See an earlier Empowering the business user to implement business change with CPM on this topic. Here we start to look at detailed capabilities that facilitate the solutions to be finance owned and managed.


Explorer view administration environment:

The SAP Business Planning and Consolidation allows one composite explorer view of the data model and administration, that is required to manage the system. It provides a framework that allows finance users to manage the dimensions, applications, security and business rules from one common, flexible and easy to use environment. The finance users can have an aerial view of all the elements to model business planning or consolidation from a single area.



Context sensitive action panes 

The action pane provides an effective guide for the finance owner to manage the elements in the model. The SAP BPC software provides guided tasks based on the elements the finance user wants to manage. If the user wants to manage a new dimension, then based on the selection in the explorer view, the corresponding tasks such as add new dimension, process dimension etc are provided in the action pane. Similarly if the finance user wants to create a new planning application, the tasks for creating or managing applications shows up in the action panes.



Going forward we will discuss more capabilities that will facilitate finance users to own and manage CPM solutions, in future blogs.


We can see the excitement that finance users are going to derive by using SAP CPM solutions, as they are going to no longer depend on IT for their needs to change..

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  • Hello Mr. Muthu,

    Thanks for the informative article. I have a question about SAP BPC. All the blogs related to SAP BPC say that BPC is a business user friendly application. It gives the business users lot of control in defining and designing the planning model which is really good. Where does this leave BPS/IP technical consultants? Will BPC be solely managed/used only by the business users?

    Best Regards,

    • Hi SG
      Interesting question. The goal in the cpm space is to get the business users to manage what they want to do. Thats where BPC’s current and future innovations would be directed to. But there will be areas where technical consultants can help integrate these solutions to other solutions e.g. ERP, and other data sources.
      Also i see some initial modelling being done by consultants, but the goal would be to allow the business users to manage the functional part of the solutions from there