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ESS/MSS Customization – Make it Simple

          Here comes the blog, hope which gives the solution to the problem of Customizing the ESS/MSS Business Package


  1. Deploy the ESS/MSS business package into SDM.
  2. Deploy SAP PCUI_GP.SCA file into SDM.
  3. keep the three SCA files named SAP_BUILDT,SAP_JTECHS,SAP_JEE in the inbox folder
  4. Setting up of NWDI for customization.
    1. Create a New Track ex.ESSTrack.
    2. Add the predefined ESS Software Component to the Track


              3.  Make sure the dependencies are present for the Software Component.


             4. Move the files from check-in tab to Development and further to Consolidation.


    5.Open NWDS and configure the NWDI by givng the URL http://<hostname>:<portnumber> in  Windowsàpreferences-Java Development Infrastructure-Development Configuration


     6. Open Development Configurations Perspective and login to the Development Configuration


      7. Import the track created in NWDI.


      8. Verify all the DC’s are correctly imported under Inactive DC’s


      9. Create Project for the DC to be modified



      10. GoTo Active DC’s and create project for pcui_gp/xssfpm and pcui_gp/xssutils under SAPPCUI_GP



      11.  GoTo WebDynpro Perspective and modify the DC by creating an activity while checkout.


    12.  Build and Deploy the project

    13.Check-in,Activate and Release the activity.

There u r completed the difficult task, till now known for…… 🙂

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  • Hi,

    It’s a very nice blog for beginners. What next to this? when are you going to post your next blog on ESS/MSS BP(preferably some stuff on FPM) and how to customize them?

    Thanks & Regards,

  • Hi Vinoth,

    As per point 1, should you be deploying on the local server ESS/MSS business package or the SCA’s of ESS/MSS. Please confirm.

    ESS/MSS(ESS,MSS & PCUI) track is set up and am able to import the configuration in NWDS. I can create project from the DC but when I deploy locally,it fails.

    Your input would be appreciated.


  • Hi Vinoth,

    That’s interesting and helpful blog you have there. 1 qns, why is there a need for step 10? and I can’t seem to be able to create project under SAPPCUI_GP_1

    • Hi Zhenmin,

           I was wrong in my wordings,it should have been sync archives.hence you can replace the sentence as sync archives of fpm.


  • Dear Vinoth,

    I followed your step and when i try to import configuration, it is giving me the No Configuration on server or server error.



  • Thanks for these instructions. The are very helpful. On your step 10 however…

    10: GoTo Active DC’s and create project for pcui_gp/xssfpm and pcui_gp/xssutils under SAPPCUI_GP

    Your screen shots show Sync Archives highlighted.

    Was the intent here to actually create local projects for modification out of the pcui DC’s?

    Are the pcui dc’s generally off limits?

    Is there any documentation on the content of these packages or is it just a matter of trial and error to identify tyhe DC’s you need to modify to make required changes?

    Thanks Again,

    • Hi Raghav

      You can do a metadata compare of the webdynpro java code.  However, you have to redo them.  Unless you have found a solution to redoing customizations for ESS apps after a SP.


  • Hi,

    Very good blog.
    But i have one question after build and deploy.
    How may i test this application before check in.
    what set up i required for this .
    Please help me if you have any solution.

    Thanks .

    • Hi Luis,

        Customization of the business package depends upon the provision given by SAP. Most of the BP are customizable but some cant be customized as the package will have only jar files instead of the class files.