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SDN Insider: SDN Subscription Program will be launched soon

Being a SDN Top Contributor has some benefits. You get the chance to influence the direction our Community is going. Two years ago I was asked in a survey if I would pay for the service I get from the SAP Community network. As far as I can remember I suggested: “Keep the Content as free as possible”. But be open for value added services. Talking to some SDNers, I learned about a new program coming up on the SDN. A subscription program for NetWeaver. It seems to be a result of the initiative started two years ago which I was able to influence.

What does the SDN Subscription Program provide 

Today you already can download most of the NetWeaver Stack in the SDN Download Area. But mostly that software only runs for a limited time after that you have to reinstall. That’s not a solution for a professional developer or 3rd party software vendor. With the SDN Subscription Program you will get the latest NetWeaver Stack including NWDI, BI, SAP Master Data Management (SAP MDM) – EIM – SAP Developer Networkand much more is shipped to your desk, but also available for download. You have a license to install this software your developer machine and also on a development, test and evaluation server. Use for production is not allowed.

In addition to the Software you will get Access the Enterprise Services Workplace Systems. If you’re a subscriber you can access the SAP Service Marketplace to search for SAP Notes and also create OSS Messages. And that’s not all. You get authorizations for the Premium Access Zone where recorded sessions from the last TechEd are available for download.

Last but not least  members of the SDN Subscription Program will have a special Icon in the SDN Forums because they can award more than the standard 10, 6 or 2 points.

My opinion

As already said in the teaser: Freelancers, small and medium Software Vendors will have the chance to get a development environment with support and great additional content for a reasonable price. I think you can compare the SDN Subscription to the MSDN Subscription. The Prices for the SDN NetWeaver subscription program seem to be in a similar range as the MSDN Premium and MSDN Professional edition.

You can register to be notified when developer software subscriptions for the SAP NetWeaver platform are available:″ width=”236″/>

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  • Hi Gregor:

    That’s really great news! I won’t care to spend a couple of extra bucks to get all that -;) Send me the forms and I will sign them without asking -:D



  • This is a great idea (assuming the cost is reasonable).

    I would also hope that it would include the ability to install ERP, CRM, etc. as well as NW.


    • Hello Graham,

      with the provided access to the Enterprise Services Workplace Systems you can use:

      – SAP ERP 2005 ECC 600
      – SAP SRM 5.0
      – SAP PI 7.0 (formerly known as XI)
      – SAP SCM 5.0

      to test your developed WebService Client Software. A CRM System is not jet available.


  • Gregor~

    While accessing the systems, like PI, would I be able to launch the Integration (ES) Builder or Repository? Or only the SAP webgui?

    Thank you and best regards

    Kartik Iyengar~

  • Hi,

    Gregor – or anyone how knows –
    will rampup things be also included in this package?

    I hope they will at this would really make
    it a nice thing and probably a very good
    check for new enhancements/products for SAP
    as well 🙂


      • Mario,

        of course we would 🙂
        did you have any doubts ? 🙂

        this is how MS MSDN works I guess
        they give it betas (rampups) to all subscribers
        so they will find errors more easily then
        just a few rampup customers – isn’t it true ? 🙂

        anyway thanks for the info,


  • Yippie, this is the best news I have had all day. I am a member of the Microsoft Partner program which offers all server and office programs for a nominal fee so I am glad that SAP is doing this aswell. This is a great boon for independent developers and the ecosystem as a whole. I will be very interested in the pricing when that is revealed.