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Finally the SAP widget foundation is available for download. If you want your enterprise widgets to look like this:

Extracting HR Data 



or like this

Extracting CRM Data 


You need the SAP Enterprise Widget Foundation.  The foundation is a lightweight connector that allows you to build SAP enterprise widgets.  It provides Representational State Transfer (REST) XML and JSON interfaces to the SAP system and allows creating mashups using SAP and non SAP services. 


Foundation has the following services:

  • SAP RFC calls using JCO or Web Services
  • XML and JSON interface for services
  • SSO connect to SAP using PSE identity

  • Connect to SAP using pre-configured user identity.
  • Configuration reading from SAP Widget Gallery
  • Widget auto update from SAP Widget Gallery
  • Pluggable Service Agents 
  • Simple UI to indicate:
    • SAP connectivity status: connected, not connected

  • Service configuration

Please use it and let us know what SAP widgets you have created.  You can write to with your comments and/or questions.

Please Note the Requirements:

  • Windows XP
  • Java 6
  • Yahoo Widget Engine (4 or higher) 

Go to Download Section > Widgets to Download 

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  1. Bert Furey

    I tried to download the SAP Widget Foundation but could not extract or open the zip file. I get the error messsage “Can not open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive”.

    Could you look into this?


  2. Former Member
    I executed the jar file and received the message:

    Cannot run program “REG”:CreateProcess error = 2, The system cannot find the file specified.

    Running: Win2K, SP 4
    I already installed Yahoo Widget 4.0.

    Any suggestions?


    1. This is related to Windows 2000, for now it could be installed only on XP. We will fix this bug in next version
    1. Regina Sheynblat Post author
      Did you download the zip file?  Did you go through the installation process?  The SAP foundation could be configured to internal SAP Server, you need to re-configure it to your own server..
  3. Former Member
    Hello Regina:
    My name is Dan Sharoni and I’m reseaching this subject intensively now at Accenture in Palo Alto.  I’m extremely interested in meeting with you compare notes and ultimately collaborate between the already collaborating companies.  I was referredto you bay Craig Cmehil from SAP Germany.  Could you please kindly contact me at  With great appraciation!
    Dan Sharoni
    1. Regina Sheynblat Post author
      At this time the foundation is in prototype mode.  We are not an official SAP product.  Based on SDN 90   day trial license you can go ahead and use the foundation.  We would love to hear your feedback positive and negative so we can improve it.


  4. it seems that SSO logon is not working to some systems, e.g. C1S (NW 710).

    user and password logon works.

    the built-in service to CSN works.

    1. SNC Name for C1S server seems to be defined differently than for other servers inside SAP – it is “p/secude:CN=C1S, O=SAP-AG, C=DE” but for others like CSS just “p:CN=CSN, O=SAP-AG, C=DE”. You may try creating new identity in Foundation configuration specifying

      Identity type: “Advanced Single Sign-On”
      Partner name: “p/secude:CN=C1S, O=SAP-AG, C=DE”
      SECUDE library path: “C:\Program Files\SECUDE\SECUDE for R3\secude.dll”

  5. Former Member
    I downloaded the zip and can browse the folder structure but extracting results in the following message:

    !   C:\SAP\SAP Widget Foundation – zip Either multipart or corrupt ZIP archive

    Trying to extract using WinRAR 3.00

  6. Former Member
    Just downloaded the widget foundation and configuring it following the user guide.  The JCO service to a NW2004s backend was configured and check-status was successful.  The NW2004s system ID is NSP and client is 000.  The WS services was configured but check-status was failed.  Following the troubleshooting guide in the user guide I tested the URL http://localhost:8000/sap/bc/soap/wsdl11?services=ME_GET_CURRENT_USER_ID&sap-client=000 and it worked fine.

    One thing I noticed is that when I save the WS service configuration the client field value is changed from 000 to 0 in the screen.  Not sure if this is the reason.  Any guidance on how to fix it will be very appreciated.

    1. Former Member
      Just found a work around for this problem.  I exported the configuration, fixed the client number from 0 to 000, and then import the fixed configuration.  Now the check-status for WS service is working.

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