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Messaging System queue properties after XI 3.0 SP19 / XI 7.0SP11

The process of changing the Messaging System Queue thread properties has changed with XI 3.0 SP19 / XI 7.0 SP11. Previously the queue consumer threads were adjusted in the property –


of the J2EE service

SAP XI AF Messaging


Since XI 3.0 SP19/ XI 7.0 SP11 this has changed to the property –


of the  service

XPI Service: SAP XI AF Core.



the Industry Standard Adapters (e.g., CIDX, RNIF) use the property –


of the service

XPI Service: Messaging System)


The example below adds a new property set for the RFC Adapter. This is appended after the global AFW entry,


(name=global, messageListener=localejbs/AFWListener, exceptionListener=localejbs/AFWListener, pollInterval=60000, pollAttempts=60, Send.maxConsumers=5, Recv.maxConsumers=5, Call.maxConsumers=5, Rqst.maxConsumers=5), (name=RFC_,  messageListener=localejbs/AFWListener, exceptionListener=localejbs/AFWListener, pollInterval=60000, pollAttempts=60, Send.maxConsumers=8, Recv.maxConsumers=8, Call.maxConsumers=12, Rqst.maxConsumers=12)

If the requirement is to increase the number of threads to the same amount for all the adapter types then the queue values (e.g., Recv.maxConsumers) in the global property set can be modified.

After changing then ‘Update’, Save and restart the SAP XI AF Core service.

With the introduction of the Queue Separation feature each adapter type has its own queue instance and respective configurable properties. If the system has been upgraded to XI 3.0SP19/ XI 7.0 SP11 then there may be a decrease in system performance because the central AFW queue’s properties :

Synchronous :



Asynchronous :



previously had a higher value than the current default 5,

i.e., see the note :-

#1084161 Performance decrease after applying XI 3.0 SP20 7.0 PS12


default values

image             SAPXI AF Core -> messaging.connectionDefinition


new values after the global change to the Adapter consumer thread values


  for > = PI 7.1 systems use the configTool to change the service –

property –



* Industry Standard Adapters,  use the configTool service –


ICO scenarios only use the send (i.e., Send and Call) queues

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  • Hi Kenny,

    i have added below property for JDBC Adapter in NWA(pi 7.1 ehp1), After parameter change the XPI Service: AF Core / XPI adapter is not running.
    What could be the reason?

    (name=JDBC_, messageListener=localejbs/AFWListener, exceptionListener=localejbs/AFWListener, pollInterval=60000, pollAttempts=60, Send.maxConsumers=5, Recv.maxConsumers=10, Call.maxConsumers=5, Rqst.maxConsumers=5.


    • Hi Raj,

      there could be a number of reasons,
      •     did you add the JDBC property set after the General adapter set?
      •     did you add a closing parenthesis to the JDBC property set?
      •     did you separate the property sets by a comma?

      You should make these changes (for > =PI 7.1) in the configTool then set, update and restart.


  • Hi Kenny,

    When i tried to edit messaging.connectionDefinition in Config tool. The jave is not coming up since the Global pool parameters are overwritten with custom settings and stdserver.out gave the below error.

    Again after reverting the parameters java had come up.

    Service [] start ================= ERROR ================= <–Localization failed: ResourceBundle=’’, ID=’Instantiating the Adapter Framework MS Connection Registration service (co failed. Reason: java.lang.Exception: The global connection definition is not available..’, Arguments: []–> : Can’t find resource for bundle java.util.Pro

    pertyResourceBundle, key Instantiating the Adapter Framework MS Connection Registration service ( failed. Reason: java.lang.Exception: The global connect

    ion definition is not available..

    Your reply is highly solicited.