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When is a Suit Dressed Like a Geek? When on BPX TV!

When is a Suit Dressed Like a Geek?  When on BPX TV!

Will my weekend ever be sweet.  First the week starts off with Nadim Razvi sharing a clever and clear video about the new  KPI Video area in BPX .  I mean we want explanations and illustrations for going to the wiki that even a grandmother can understand, right? So he takes us by the hand and brings us to the Business Process Expert Wiki and invites our Business community members to help collaborate, build and enlarge on the content he and colleagues like Florian Stapf are madly populating there.  Get it.  Not the old-style, static subject matter expertise content published once and only once (also very valid but, very one-directional)  but content that grows organically by user interaction with multiple experts (maybe enriched with real world scenarios even).

For the uninitiated: “Business KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) enable a company to measure and monitor its performance on a strategic and operational level. Based on the strategic goals of a company, target values for KPIs are set. Comparing actual KPI values to these targets identifies shortcomings immediately and shows improvement potentials for business processes at the same time. This is vital for every company. “

Of course all this only makes any sense when it resonates with people external to SAP.  I mean we don’t want to be having a conversation with ourselves about how we kick “b—” with our software or ideas or services; what we really want to have happen is a discourse among customers and even critics about the software, ideas, and services we provide and they innovate on so that it becomes all about how they, the customers, kick “b—t”.

Enter Dennis Howlett who, in his own words “is not an SAP Customer”……but “an SAP critic” sees the video, is interested in what he sees in the Wiki….but not real happy that there is no RSS feed….to track the collaboration activity.


Enter Craig.  RSS feed for all the Business KPIs in the Wiki…you want one?  Done….


Re-Enter Craig (again)….okay…lots more times.  Want to have an easier way to upload Nadim’s video? Next time: Try the new SDN and BPX TV: SDN TV – the next evolution!


Look Marilyn, look (I now CAN look, thanks to Oliver Kohl and his co-innovated RSS feeds to the Newly created TV)



Who is doing the very first BPX TV blog…its…… Dennis entering into BPX TV: and oh my….he’s actually video blogging about this….and  Craig, Thomas Jung and Mark Finnern they’re doin stuff on SDN TV…..  and I, granny Marilyn. now even have a news feed to follow it all and will pry myself away from my screen to enjoy my weekend….and


Enter: the community, video blogging, chatting, collaborating, and yep….even the suits are there.



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